XML for mIRC Beta

By Mpdreamz on Nov 29, 2008

This is the first beta of XML support in mIRC. There's two example aliases that show how to use it. Once im confident it's bug free and I've added all the functionality i still want too implement ill write up a decent API documentation. The example snippets are very self explanatory.

COMMENTS { { { { { { 
            XML Extensions For mIRC 0.1 {
              author: Mpdreamz
              date:July 18 2006
              description: { 
                "XML Extensions For mIRC 1.0" (XMLEX for short) provides a complete set of aliases to
                create,fetch,load,manipulate,navigate & transform XML documents



/* XML example functions
;load hawkee's comments asynchronously 
alias hawkeeComments noop $xml.document(http://www.hawkee.com/comment.rss.php,hawkeeCommentsLoaded)

;this alias is called when hawkee's comments loaded wheter succesful or not.
alias hawkeeCommentsLoaded {
  ;first check if document loaded correctly, $1 is a reference to the document
  if (!$xml.parseError($1)) {
    ;lets echo the first <title>'s inner text
    echo -a $xml.node($1,//title).text

    ;now we select all the <items>' in to one convenient array
    var %itemNodes = $xml.selectNodeSet($1,//item)

    ;%itemNodes now holds a reference to a node array which you can access.
    ;you can request information on the nodeSet as a whole
    echo -a found: $xml.nodeSet(%itemNodes).length items.

    ;looping through the entire nodeSet  is easy as well.
    while ($xml.nodeSet(%itemNodes).nextItem)  echo -a -- $xml.node($v1,title).text

    ;you can also directly access the nodes in a nodeSet
    ;this selects the 2nd <item>
    var %2ndItem = $xml.nodeSet(%itemNodes,2)

    ;then we use the reference stored in %2ndItem to select the 2nd <item>'s <title> child.
    echo -a 4 $xml.node(%2ndItem,title).text

  echo -a $scriptdirXmlCom.xml
  ;remove document references and every reference that belonged to the document (%rootElement etc) from memory
  noop $xml.destroy($1)


alias createNewXml {
  ;create a new xml document
  var %document = $xml.document()

  ;give the document a rootNode element
  var %rootElement = $xml.createElement(%document,rootNode)

  ;give the rootNode element a childnode
  var %childElement = $xml.createElement(%rootElement,childNode)

  ;set some attributes on this child node
  noop $xml.setAttributes(%childElement,id,12,name,testing123)

  ;you can also combine the latter 2 into one
  var %childElement2 = $xml.createElement(%childElement,childNode,3 levels deep wtf! 3 whoh3434oo3123oo!,id,18,name,$ticks)

  ;lets add another child
  var %childElement3 = $xml.createElement(%childElement,childNode,3 levels deep wtf! 3 whoh3434oo3123oo!,id,18,name,$ticks)

  ;and remove it immediatly after adding (bit silly but oh well!)
  noop $xml.removeElement(%childElement3)

  ;save document
  if ($xml.save(%document,$scriptdirTest.xml)) echo -a successfully saved new XML: $scriptdirTest.xml 
  else echo -a Something bad happened while saving: $scriptdirTest.xml 

  ;removes document references and every reference that belonged to the document (%rootElement etc)
  ;Remember that this just removes to references mIRC has to the XML and not anything inside the XML!
  ;think of it as an /unset %var
  noop $xml.destroy(%document)

/* XML document functions
* - open, a new or excisting, and save an XML document (also supports http loading!)
alias xml.document {
  var %document  = $xml._register(document),%error 
  .comopen %document MSXML.DOMDOCUMENT
  noop $com(%document,setProperty,3,bstr,SelectionLanguage,bstr,XPath)  $com(%document,async,5,bool,$iif($2,0,-1))
  if ($1) && (!$prop) { 
    if (($2) && (!$isalias($2))) %error = $2 is not an alias.
    else if ($2) noop $comcall(%document,$2 %document,load,3,bstr,$1)
    else { 
      noop $comcall(%document,$2,load,3,bstr,$1)
      if ($xml.parseError(%document)) %error = $xml.parseError(%document).print
  if ($1) && ($prop) return $null($com($1,$prop,2)) $com($1).result
  if (($error) || (%error)) {
    echo -setqbfmrc info * $!xml.document: $iif($com(%document).errortext,$v1,$iif($error,$v1,%error))
  return %document
alias xml.parseError {
  var %parseError $1.parseError. $+ $ticks $+ $com(0)
  noop $com($1,parseError,3,dispatch* %parseError)
  if ($prop == print)  return errorCode: $null($com(%parseError,errorCode,2)) $com(%parseError).result $&
    reason: $null($com(%parseError,reason,2)) $com(%parseError).result $&
    line: $null($com(%parseError,Line,2)) $com(%parseError).result $&
    linepos: $null($com(%parseError,linepos,2)) $com(%parseError).result $&
    filepos: $null($com(%parseError,filepos,2)) $com(%parseError).result  $& 
    resource: $null($com(%parseError,url,2)) $com(%parseError).result 
  return $null($com(%parseError,$iif($prop,$v1,errorCode),2)) $iif($com(%parseError).result != 0,$true,$false)
alias xml.save {
  if ($xml.instanceOf($1) == document) {
    noop $com($1,save,3,bstr,$$2)
    return $true
  else return $false
  if ($error) {
    echo -setqbfmrc info * $!xml.save: $iif($com(%document).errortext,$v1,$iif($error,$v1,%error))
    return $false

/* XML convenience functions 
alias xml.loadXML if ($xml.instanceOf($1) == document) return $com($1,loadXML,3,bstr,$2-)

/* XML navigation functions 
alias xml.selectNode return $iif($xml._register(node,$1) && $v1 != $com($1,selectSingleNode,3,bstr,$2,dispatch* $v1),$v1) 
alias xml.selectNodeSet return $iif($xml._register(nodeSet,$1) && $v1 != $com($1,selectNodes,3,bstr,$2,dispatch* $v1),$v1) 
alias xml.nodeSet {
  var %nodeSet = $xml._register(nodeSet,$1)
  if ($prop == nextItem) return $iif($com($1,nextNode,3,dispatch* %nodeSet) && $com(%nodeSet),%nodeSet)
  if ($prop == reset) return $com($1,$v2,3)
  if ($prop == length) return $iif($com($1,$v2,3),$com($1).result)
  if ($2 isnum) return $iif($com($1,item,3,int,$2,dispatch* %nodeSet) && $com(%nodeSet),%nodeSet)
alias xml.node {
  if ($2) return $iif($xml.selectNode($1,$2) && $v1 != $com($v1,$prop,2),$com($v1).result) $xml.destroy($v1)
  else return $iif($com($1,$prop,2),$com($1).result)

/* XML creation functions 
alias xml.setAttributes {
  if ($$2) && ($com($1)) {
    var %i 2
    while (%i <= $0) { 
      noop $com($1,setAttribute,3,bstr,$(,$ $+ %i),bstr,$(,$ $+ $calc(%i + 1)))
      inc %i 2
alias xml.createElement { 
  if ($$2) && ($com($1)) {
    var %e =  $iif($xml._register(element,$1) && $v1 != $com($xml._ownerDocument($1),createElement,3,bstr,$2,dispatch* $v1),$v1), %ep = $xml._register(elementpointer,%e) 
    noop $com($1,appendChild,3,dispatch,%e,dispatch* %ep)
    if ($3) .comclose ~xml $com($xml._ownerDocument(%e),createTextNode,3,bstr,$3,dispatch* ~xml) $com(%ep,appendChild,3,dispatch,~xml)
    if ($4) noop $($!xml.setAttributes(%ep, $regsubex($str(.,$calc($0 - 3)),/(.)/g,$ $+ $calc(\n +3) $+ $iif(\2,$chr(44))) ),2) 
    return %ep

/* XML node removal functions
alias xml.removeElement if ($xml.reference($1)) noop $xml.remove($1) $xml.destroy($1)
alias xml.destroy { 
  if ($xml.reference($$1)) {
    var %nodes = $com(_xmlCom,selectNodes,3,bstr,$+(//*[@id=',$1'],//@id),dispatch* nodes)
    while ($iif($com(nodes,nextNode,3,dispatch* ~xml) && $com(~xml),~xml)) {
      var %comObject = $iif($com(~xml,text,2),$com(~xml).result)
      if ($com(%comObject)) .comclose %comObject
      .comclose ~xml
    .comclose nodes $com(_xmlCom,selectSingleNode,3,bstr,$+(//*[@id=',$1']),dispatch* $+(node,$1)) $xml.remove($+(node,$1),$true)
  else echo -a $1
alias xml.remove {
  if ($xml.reference($1) || node* iswm $1) {
    noop $com($1,parentNode,3,dispatch* $+(parent,$1))
    noop $com($+(parent,$1),removeChild,3,dispatch,$1)
    .comclose $+(parent,$1)
/* XML node binding functions
* - to assist in keeping track of open COM objects;
alias -l xml._register {
  if (!$hget(_xml,_constructed)) xml._constructor
  var %name = $xml._newName($1,$2)
  noop $com(_xmlCom,selectSingleNode,3,bstr,$iif($2,$+(//*[@id=',$2']),/*),dispatch* _parent)
  .comclose _parent $com(_xmlCom,createElement,3,bstr,$1,dispatch* _newNode) $com(_parent,appendChild,3,dispatch,_newNode)
  .comclose _newNode $com(_newNode,setAttribute,3,bstr,id,bstr,%name) 
  hadd -m _xml %name $1
  return %name
alias xml._newName {
  return $gettok($+($gettok($2,1,46),._xml,$ticks,$com(0)),1-,46)
alias xml.reference return $iif($hget(_xml,$1),$true,$false)
alias xml.instanceOf return $iif($hget(_xml,$1),$v1)
alias -l xml._ownerDocument return $gettok($1,1,46)

alias xml.resetAll {
  echo -a removed all xml object references 
alias xml._constructor {
  .comopen _xmlCom MSXML.DOMDOCUMENT
  hadd -m _xml _constructed $com(_xmlCom,loadXML,3,bstr,<xmlComConnections />)
alias xml._destructor {
  if ($com(_xmlCom)) .comclose _xmlCom 
  hfree _xml 
  var %i = $com(0)
  while (%i > 0) { 
    if (_xml* iswm $com(%i)) .comclose $v2
    dec %i
  hadd -m _xml _constructed 0


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Typo   -  Dec 03, 2008

Very awesome. I love seeing projects like this.

Hawkee   -  Dec 02, 2008

Very cool.

Jonesy44   -  Dec 02, 2008

I don't understand this at all, but.. what's wrong with sockets? :/

Firstmate   -  Dec 01, 2008

This is pretty good.

^Neptune   -  Nov 30, 2008

Woah. I never thought this would be possible.

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