By CoOlEsT_n_CuTeSt on Nov 25, 2008

Hmmmm. So, This snippet will help Any user keeping him/her channel rulzzz... like just put this in Remotes (ALT+R) of your bot or anything and type those commands, i have copy pasted these commands, i mean this whole snippet is owned by any1 else, and i updated it so it will directly notice the person who use the command, so the teller will not be kicked (coz many bots will consider the reply a flood) .. and if the snippet owner, minds, i can remove or give this snippet to him...

ON 1:TEXT:English:#:.notice $nick 4 $chan is an english speaking chatroom, please speak english or type /list for the channel you require.

ON 1:TEXT:Caps:#:.notice $nick 4Stop using caps it's rude (seen as yelling) and may result in a kick and/or ban. 

ON 1:TEXT:age:#:.notice $nick 4This Channel Has no age limit aslong as ur not to OLD 

ON 1:TEXT:Troll:#:.notice $nick 4Do not troll in $chan Doing this results in :Ban or Kick

ON 1:TEXT:Pm:#:.notice $nick 4Do Not pm someone without there permission.

ON 1:TEXT:Trolling:#:.notice $nick 4Trolling Means : Looking for Boys/Girls/Asking For Cybers/

ON 1:TEXT:Drama:#:.notice $nick 4Do Not Start Drama In $chan 

ON 1:TEXT:beg:#:.notice $nick 4Dont Beg For Ops in $chan

ON 1:TEXT:!nick:#:.notice $nick 4change your nick type /nick NickYouWantHere or (/Nick Bob)

ON 1:TEXT:!Ass:#:.notice $nick  4Dont be a Ass, It Only Makes You Look Dumb.

ON 1:TEXT:!Spam:#:.notice $nick 4No Spamming In, $chan ... It Leads To Perm. Ban 

ON 1:TEXT:Ignore:#:.notice $nick 4To add someone to your ignore list Type /Ignore <Copy Nick Here> Or  /Ignore <Paste Hostmask Here>

ON 1:TEXT:Owner:#:.notice $nick 4To Make a temp owner type /mode #room +q nick

ON 1:TEXT:Room:#:.notice $nick 4To Make Ur Own Room Type /cs register #roomname URPasshere Descriptionofroomhere

ON 1:TEXT:mIRC:#:.notice $nick 4To Download mirc go to Download From The Website 4))

ON 1:TEXT:wIRC:#:.notice $nick 4To Download wIRC Go to ((4And Download From There12)))  

ON 1:TEXT:kick:#:.notice $nick 4To Kick Someone from a room your op in type !k nick reason. 

ON 1:TEXT:Ban:#:.notice $nick 4To Ban Someone from a room your op in type !kb nick reason.

ON 1:TEXT:Unban:#:.notice $nick 4To Unban Someone From A Room Your Op In Type !unban nick || To Unban Yourself From a room you are perm op in type /cs unban #room.

ON 1:TEXT:register:#.:notice $nick 4To Register your NickName type /ns register Yourpasswordhere Youremailaddresshere

ON 1:text:identify:#:.notice $nick 4 After Registering Your Nick Each Time You Connect You Must Type /ns identify URPASSHERE

ON 1:text:ghost:#:.notice $nick 4 Type /ns ghost urmainnamehere urpasshere

ON 1:text:racial:#:.notice $nick 4 There Will Be NO Racial Remarks in $chan Results In A Ban.

On 1:text:respect:#:.notice $nick 4 Please Respect All Chatters in $chan

on 1:text:im back:#:.notice $nick 4 Welcome Back $nick

on 1:text:ill brb:#:.notice $nick 4 Hurry Back $nick

on 1:text:brb:#:.notice $nick 4 Hurry Back $nick

on 1:text:back:#:.notice $nick 4 Welcome Back $nick

on 1:text:g2g:#:.notice $nick 4 GoodBye $nick

on 1:text:gtg:#:.notice $nick 4 GoodBye $nick

on 1:text:bbl:#:.notice $nick 4 See You Later $nick


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`JoKeR´   -  Nov 27, 2008
 on *:TEXT:blonde*:#: {  msg $chan $nick places a blonde wig on their head and watches them stare at the orange juice carton because it said concentrate :)

To perform an action, change msg $chan to describe $chan.

CoOlEsT_n_CuTeSt   -  Nov 27, 2008

thnx... Cheiron, i have updated it and i think notice is the best way to do this, so i left it like b4, now the snippet is fully updated

Cheiron   -  Nov 26, 2008

still missed alot out there of your notice events. you have some still as /notice where others are notice

the correct one should be all as


also you might want to think about the other clients out there. some cannot receive the notice event.

Cheiron   -  Nov 26, 2008

just as a helpful tip for amking it a bit cleaner as it currently stands there...

lose the / prefix on the /notice and make it .notice
that makes the command silent.

also.. the on text events could do with some editing. this is an example of what i mean.

 on *:TEXT:blonde*:#: {  msg $chan $nick places a blonde wig on their head and watches them stare at the orange juice carton because it said concentrate :) 

you dont have too of course but they are just some easy thoughts for you

CoOlEsT_n_CuTeSt   -  Nov 26, 2008

hmmm, hi dude... i told you that i don't know any scripting and i have just make it to notice someone or if he write that much long he will be kicked... so if u want just copy paste it or tell me where to do...

TeQh   -  Nov 25, 2008

pretty useless script to be honest... why not just do :*:#:{ and do if ($1 == !command) {


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