/sahopall command

By [DX] on Nov 25, 2008

Code based on XTZGZoReX's idea at IRCop /sahop command

This code will do SAPart and SAJoin user from all comchans

Syntax: /sahopall

NOTE: Requires IRCop Status, some networks (which using UnrealIRCd) requires Services Admin

alias sahopall {
  if (!$1) { 
    echo -s * /echo: insufficient parameters 
  else {
    set %.n 1 
    while (%.n <= $comchan($1,0)) { 
      sapart $1 $comchan($1,%.n) $2-
      sajoin $1 $comchan($1,%.n)
      inc %.n 


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CoCooner   -  May 03, 2009

hello great script
It is possible that all user can sahop in all channel the users are ?

[DX]   -  Nov 27, 2008

Scakk thanks for reply, On Unreal ircd does

Scakk   -  Nov 26, 2008

/sapart does not allow a part message. At least on the Network I am on as an Oper.

guest598594   -  Nov 26, 2008

You should make the variables local by using /var instead of /set.

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