Last Said Skript 2.0

By newklear on Nov 10, 2008

Last Said Skript 2.0

Will Keep record of every channel you are in, of a nick names last message they said in a channel using a text file. The text file shouldn't get to big as it only stores 1 line for each different nickname and overwrites with their last line each time.

Copy the below snippet and go back to mIRC press Alt + R and paste into a new Remote File, save.

Channel Usage:
!ls nickname
!lastsaid nickname

Own Usage:
/ls nickname

I had a look for this type of script and surpisingly only found 2 versions but on another website, one used an ini file and the other used hash tables. I decided to do this snippet this way as it works better for me and I am pretty proud of it as yes I did spend a little time on it with trial and error. It can be written alot better and any advice to improve is welcome and will be changed if needed.
Thanx have a good giggle :-)

on *:LOAD: { 
  echo -a Last Said Skript 2.0 Loaded
  echo -a Public Usage: !ls nick or !lastsaid nick
  echo -a Alias Usage: ls, lines, rand

on *:UNLOAD: {
  echo -a Unloading Last Said Skript 2.0
  ; remove -b LastSaid.txt

alias rand { 
  echo -a $1 Random " $+ $remove($read(LastSaid.txt),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) $+ "

alias lines {
  echo -a There are currently $lines(LastSaid.txt) Nicks in the database.

alias ls {
  if (!$1) { echo -a Syntax: /ls nickname | halt }
  if (!$read(LastSaid.txt,s,$1)) { echo -a Sorry I have not seen $1 say anything yet | halt }
  var %ttemp $right($read(LastSaid.txt,s, $1),10)
  echo -a $1 last said " $+ $remove($read(LastSaid.txt,s, $1),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) $+ " $duration($calc($ctime - %ttemp)) ago

on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($1 == !lastsaid) || ($1 == !ls) {
    if (%lastsaid [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 1) { halt }
    set -u10 %lastsaid [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 1
    if (!$2) { msg $chan Syntax: !ls nickname or !lastsaid nickname | halt }
    if (!$read(LastSaid.txt,s,$2)) { msg $chan Sorry I have not seen $2 say anything yet | halt }
    var %ttemp $right($read(LastSaid.txt,s, $2),10)
    msg $chan $2 last said " $+ $remove($read(LastSaid.txt,s, $2),1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) $+ " $duration($calc($ctime - %ttemp)) ago
  if ($read(LastSaid.txt,s,$nick)) { 
    write -ds $+ $nick LastSaid.txt
    write LastSaid.txt $nick $1- $ctime
  write LastSaid.txt $nick $1- $ctime


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jasonh   -  Aug 09, 2011

still works. thanks.

DragonHeart   -  Jul 28, 2009

works great. good script!

inti-garcia   -  Nov 18, 2008

Love it, thanks m8

Anish   -  Nov 11, 2008

nice job buddy

newklear   -  Nov 10, 2008

Ty mountaindew, fixed

.Added Flood control of 10 seconds per nick.
.Added an Alias "/lastsaid nick".
.Fixed an error catcher.

guest598594   -  Nov 10, 2008
    Usage: !ls nick or !lastsaid nick

Should have echo -a before that line.

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