Basic ChanInfo

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Oct 15, 2008
Updated  Oct 23, 2008
Just echoes some basic Channel Info, such as current modes, current topics, and users.
Like I said, very basic. alias ChanInfo {
var %chan $iif($1 ischan,$1,$chan)
echo -ta ----------
echo -ta Channel Info for %chan at $asctime(hh:nn:ss tt) on $network $+ / $+ $server
echo -ta Current Modes: $chan(%chan).mode - Current Topic: $chan(%chan).topic
echo -ta Total Users: $nick(%chan,0) - (&) Admins: $nick(%chan,0,a,ohvr) - (@) Ops: $nick(%chan,0,o) - (%) HalfOps: $nick(%chan,0,h) - (+) Voices: $nick(%chan,0,v) - Regulars: $nick(%chan,0,r)
echo -ta ----------


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A Hylian Human   -  Oct 23, 2008
Heh, good ideas. Thanks! :)
napa182   -  Oct 19, 2008
eh either or
Gummo   -  Oct 19, 2008
I'd just set a %var to $iif($1,$1,$chan), then use %var.. Easy.
napa182   -  Oct 19, 2008
you can do the same thing with $iif so instead of having that elseif just do

A Hylian Human   -  Oct 19, 2008
I have taken your comment into consideration, and have modified my snippet. However, it has an elseif { statement because it will first check if you specified $1 and if it is a channel. If it isn't, it will check if the active window is a channel, and if it is a channel, it will display the channel info for the current channel.
I hope this makes sense. :)

[The Hylian/Human Hybrid!]
rhasttaff   -  Oct 15, 2008
Hallo A Hylian Human wellcomo to :)

good idea this snipet ;)

i culd suggest you to short it from:


this becouse you don't need the if ($me ison $1) becouse if you aren't in that chan its will not work. so now you just need type /chaninfo

try that ;)

Jah Bless´´´
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