Newsflash script

By NightBlade on Oct 12, 2008

This one , Is one of my longer ones , I hope you enjoy,

;Newsflash game , by NightBlade

on 1:TEXT: !NewsFlash*:#:{
  set %newsflash $rand(1,20)
  if (%newsflash == 1 ) msg $chan The Goliath Tarantula, at a foot long/wide, is the largest arachnid in the world.
  if (%newsflash == 2 ) msg $chan The smallest subatomic particle is the electron.
  if (%newsflash == 3 ) msg $chan Kronosaurus was the largest reptile to ever live, being at lengths around 42 ft.  long (12.8 m).
  if (%newsflash == 4 ) msg $chan Carcharodon Megalodon , or , Megalodon, is known to have been the largest speicies of shark to ever live, growing in at lengths of up to 50 ft. Imagine that chasing you.
  if (%newsflash == 5 ) msg $chan The largest animal in the world, or to have ever lived,and the largest cetacean still remains the blue whale, at lengths of over 100ft long!
  if (%newsflash == 6 ) msg $chan The largest crocodile to ever live was Sarcosuchus imperator , at around 40 feet long, it dominated dinosaurs with it's 6foot jaw.
  if (%newsflash == 7 ) msg $chan The largest carnivourus dinosaur to ever live was Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, growing up to 55 feet!
  if (%newsflash == 8 ) msg $chan The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second, or 186,282 miles per second.
  if (%newsflash == 9 ) msg $chan There was once water on Mars.
  if (%newsflash == 10 ) msg $chan The sun is only a medium sized star, Polaris is much larger.
  if (%newsflash == 11 ) msg $chan The eye of the Giant squid is the size of a beach ball.
  if (%newsflash == 12 ) msg $chan The Goliath beetle is the largest insect in the world.
  if (%newsflash == 13 ) msg $chan The large intestines of a human, stretched out , would wrap around the world!
  if (%newsflash == 14 ) msg $chan We actually know more about distant galaxies than we do about the deepest of our own ocean!
  if (%newsflash == 15 ) msg $chan The deep sea angler is an odd fish, when the male plans to mate, he bites her, and never lets go, eventually becoming a bump on her side.
  if (%newsflash == 16 ) msg $chan In the extreme deapths of the ocean, photosynthesis does not happen, so, how do animals live? It's a bit different, its called chemosynthesis, it happens when animals and plants live neer hydrothermal vents, whitch give off nutrients. The plants and animals use this by means of the bacteria they have within them.
  if (%newsflash == 17 ) msg $chan If you look close enough at your computer screen, you will see many small , colored dots, for each color.
  if (%newsflash == 18 ) msg $chan An alligator has only 7 genes.
  if (%newsflash == 19 ) msg $chan An alligator has teeth that fit like a puzzle, but, a crocodile has teeth that stick out of its mouth.
  if (%newsflash == 20 ) msg $chan Fossil damage was actually caused by a small, beetle larva, witch ate the marrow, and chewed the bone.


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NightBlade   -  Oct 15, 2008

duh, I am trying, I'm still editing on mIRC

Bullet_Dodger   -  Oct 15, 2008

Err Maybe change the title to Facts...

And Put more facts in after 20 mins it gets repetitive

NightBlade   -  Oct 13, 2008

ok, seriously ... I dont care what comes to mind when you think of the command, I still made it, big deal, !fact is already done

EL   -  Oct 12, 2008

Lol dont let Napa182 know this ,he mite steal our hash!

Imrac   -  Oct 12, 2008

They are these things that are brought down from out side space!!!!! They are shiny with hemp draped around them.

EL   -  Oct 12, 2008

Lol.Oh Imrac what are hash tables btw?!?!?!?

Imrac   -  Oct 12, 2008

I like to plug where I can =)

Gummo   -  Oct 12, 2008

Lol, trying to get people reading your tutorial, eh?

Imrac   -  Oct 12, 2008

!newsflashisgay could be used as a trigger. And yeah its more of a factoid script than it is a "news flash" script. When I think of a news flash, I think of breaking news, or recent news. You should look into hash tables =)

~Sonny   -  Oct 12, 2008

/me dies laughing

Gummo   -  Oct 12, 2008


NightBlade   -  Oct 12, 2008

... I set this up , it may seem liek fact, but, i went online, and found every fact myself . sure, its based like fact , but, so what

napalm`   -  Oct 12, 2008


Gummo   -  Oct 12, 2008

This a facts script, not newsflash. o.o

napa182   -  Oct 12, 2008

maybe use a socket for this...
no need to set a global var for this when a local will do an ur trigger is a bit odd

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