Guitar Hero Aerosmith random songs

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Oct 05, 2008
Updated  Oct 05, 2008
I was VERY bored, so I looked up an 8ball script, and used part of it for the following script.
What you do is type !song. on *:TEXT:!song*:#:{
/set %song $rand(1,30)
if (%song == 1) .msg $chan Dream Police
if (%song == 2) .msg $chan All the Young Dudes
if (%song == 3) .msg $chan Make It
if (%song == 4) .msg $chan Uncle Salty
if (%song == 5) .msg $chan Draw the Line
if (%song == 6) .msg $chan I Hate Myself for Loving You
if (%song == 7) .msg $chan All Day and All of the Night
if (%song == 8) .msg $chan No Surprize
if (%song == 9) .msg $chan Movin' Out
if (%song == 10) .msg $chan Sweet Emotion
if (%song == 11) .msg $chan Complete Control
if (%song == 12) .msg $chan Personality Crisis
if (%song == 13) .msg $chan Livin' on the Edge
if (%song == 14) .msg $chan Rag Doll
if (%song == 15) .msg $chan Love in an Elevator
if (%song == 16) .msg $chan She Sells Sanctuary
if (%song == 17) .msg $chan King of Rock
if (%song == 18) .msg $chan Nobody's Fault
if (%song == 19) .msg $chan Bright Light Fright
if (%song == 20) .msg $chan Walk This Way (Run DMC)
if (%song == 21) .msg $chan Hard To Handle
if (%song == 22) .msg $chan Always On The Run
if (%song == 23) .msg $chan Back in the Saddle
if (%song == 24) .msg $chan Beyong Beautiful
if (%song == 25) .msg $chan Dream On
if ($song == 26) .msg $chan Cat Scratch Fever
if (%song == 27) .msg $chan <Censored> Type Thing
if (%song == 28) .msg $chan Mama Kin
if (%song == 29) .msg $chan Toys in the Attic
if (%song == 30) .msg $chan Train Kept a Rollin'


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Superior   -  Oct 06, 2008
I suggest atleast changing:



Viper01   -  Oct 06, 2008
/me rates 1

a txt file wouldve been easier.

I believe this should work. just made it on the fly u_u
Eugenio   -  Oct 06, 2008
lawl @ steve thinking I said I made it up, I said when I STARTED SAYING IT
I say it on chatscape and now you dan jordeh and bullet + others all say it
|[{K|dSn0t}]|   -  Oct 06, 2008
Oh well thanks for the support, !@#$.
napa182   -  Oct 05, 2008
lmao @ eugene thinking he made up smh;defid=507685

it's been out for a long time
Jamiie   -  Oct 05, 2008
double you tee eff is smh? >_>
Eugenio   -  Oct 05, 2008
lol @ everyone saying smh when I started saying it
napalm`   -  Oct 05, 2008
napa182: shm

a careful warchild   -  Oct 05, 2008
yes, that was to you.
Mirccoder   -  Oct 05, 2008
a careful warchild   -  Oct 05, 2008
LMFAO, go rip some codes or some shoot, smh.
Mirccoder   -  Oct 05, 2008
what am i sopose to do with this use it as a snot rag theres nothing to it.
a careful warchild   -  Oct 05, 2008
not only is this pointless, but it is also coded shoot >.<
napa182   -  Oct 05, 2008
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