Super-Simple Seen System

By Noutrious on Oct 05, 2008

Made this for a guy at MSN, had an idea that others could find this useful too.
Marks user last seens at join event and with !lastseen [nick] you can retrieve the nick's last seen time.

on *:JOIN:#:writeini -n seen.ini seen $nick $ctime
on *:TEXT:*:*:if ($1 = !lastseen) && ($2) { $iif($chan,notice,msg) $nick $iif($chan && $2 ison $chan,$2 is right here.,$iif($readini(seen.ini,seen,$2),Seen $2 before $duration($calc($ctime - $v1),1),Haven't seen $2 around.)) }


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Mirccoder   -  Oct 06, 2008

yhea now that i look at it it's alot cleaner and not like 4bil lines

KronicDreamer   -  Oct 06, 2008

i like it compared to most i seen around... i hate bloat!

Noutrious   -  Oct 06, 2008

KronicDreamer, this can be useful for mIRC Script, not a bot for example with a dialog.
Anyway, the "seen" section could be changed to $iif($network,$v1,$server) - so it supports multi-servers.

KronicDreamer   -  Oct 06, 2008


clean code and no bloated BS
I have seen some 50++ lines :/

Noutrious   -  Oct 05, 2008

not really, this is another simple-seen for those, who don't need anything over-scripted and likes clean stuff.

Mirccoder   -  Oct 05, 2008

another seen

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