User Help, ON JOIN, ON PART v2.0: Easier!

By on Jan 25, 2004

This v2.0 is much easier, with its "no more <>'s." < and >'s make the person think they have to put it there.

ON *:TEXT:!help:#: {
      notice $nick Nick Registration: /msg NickServ REGISTER password e-mail
      notice $nick Channel Registration: /msg ChanServ REGISTER channel password e-mail
      notice $nick Memo Sending: /msg MemoServ SEND nick message
      notice $nick  
      notice $nick While using MemoServ, you must have a registered nick.

ON !*:JOIN:#: {
      notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , $nick $+ !
      notice $nick Enjoy your stay!!!

ON *:PART:#: {
      notice $nick Goodbye, and thanks for coming to $chan $+ !


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shugo103   -  Aug 12, 2006

All I am saying is that if you can do timebomb and the other ones how could this script possibly help you? it is only an on text event.

shugo103   -  Aug 12, 2006

@Justdabomb2 It is helpful for you because you will just add something and call it your own, I am serious make your own scripts!

Justdabomb2   -  Aug 12, 2006

Thanks, this was very helpful in making my own help script.

 Respond   -  Jan 25, 2004

The v2.0 is a typo. It should be v4.0.

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