Nick Identifier

By ph0netikz on Oct 01, 2008

Ok, I've seen numerous amounts of these upon searching for them, but most of which I use don't seem to work for me or have too many options/dialoges etc... So I just threw something extremely simple up..

All you need to do is replace "Server" with your choice of server, replace "Nick" with your nickname and under "Password" put in your password.. Very simple to use, just paste into a new remote file and this can be edited for numerous servers. You can also delete the join at the end if you like.

on *:connect { if ("Server" isin $server && $me = "Nick") { ns identify "Password" | join #main } }


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KronicDreamer   -  Oct 02, 2008

$server will be bad if you got 2++ weird server names that redirects to a network...

$network is my pick...

EL   -  Oct 01, 2008

Yeah Napa is rite some dont,i'd use $server or even $serverip to be safe.`-.-´

guest598594   -  Oct 01, 2008

Oh yea, that's true...

napa182   -  Oct 01, 2008

the only thing about useing $network is on some servers nothing shows up for $network

guest598594   -  Oct 01, 2008

Rather than doing if (SERVER isin $server), I would do if (NETWORK == $network).

WannaKnow   -  Oct 01, 2008

The Connect function is only working for you and not when someone else connects to IRC

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