Spearman's rank correlation coefficient

By Jonesy44 on Sep 30, 2008

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient is a method of seeing how close two sets of data are together, giving a number between -1 and 1 showing if the data is related or not, this script simply shows you the result without the hastle of going through the forumula;

First enter the difference squared, if you don't already know how this works: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spearman%27s_rank_correlation_coefficient Wiki is god :P then enter the amount of data you have and it'll display the result

I tried to keep the code as short as possible using the $iif idents so dont bitch :P hope this helps some students out slaving away at their geography/math coursework :P

alias sr {
  var %d2 = $$input(Enter Sum of Difference^2,eq,Spearman's Rank - Input), %n = $$input(Enter number of rows of data you have,eq,Spearman's Rank - Input), %res = $calc(1 - (6 * %d2) / ((%n ^ 3) - %n))
  noop $input($iif(%res isnum -1 - 1,Correlation: %res ( $+ $calc($remove(%res,-) * 100) $+ % match $+ ),An Error Occured; your data is incorrect),oi,Spearman's Rank - Result)


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Jonesy44   -  Oct 01, 2008

Simply get 2 sets of data group them into order and arrange low to high square the diff between each group then put the sum of it into this snippet

Paul_1337noob   -  Oct 01, 2008

whats that in english?

Jonesy44   -  Sep 30, 2008

Booya, pwnage! this sure will save me hours of work with my geog c/w ;P

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