For srs, the real pwnt script

By Soulkeeper on Sep 19, 2008

/own [Numbah of Chans] [Chan Prefix] [Nickname]

alias own {
  var %% = $1
  var %lawl = $2
  while (%%) {
    sajoin $3 $+(%lawl,$rank(1,10000))
    dec %%


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a careful warchild   -  Sep 22, 2008

LOL @ > Tags at dj801 pwnt scripting sucks

that made me lol :D

Cheiron   -  Sep 19, 2008

did you ever look at my version at all soulkeeper? hmmm... just had a check and no you didnt pouts

Soulkeeper   -  Sep 19, 2008

I've not hit my Maxsq with it, but I've seen it hit others' max crap, and yah. Totally not fun to be on the receiving end.

Cheiron   -  Sep 19, 2008

you gonna hit your Maxsq's depending on the amount channels you get them to join and possibly take yourself off the server heh. you need to shunt some timers in there if doing a large number. otherwise not too bad looking

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