Simple Private Spam Blocker

By kddjoe on Sep 11, 2008

I use this remote to block private spammer and inviter in Dalnet. I put a window to show the details of the blocked msg and a command to remove the user from ignore list. Its just a simple blocker though. Comment me.. ^^

on *:open:?:*:{ 
  if ((*.org* iswm $1-) || (*http:* iswm $1-) || (*.com* iswm $1-) || (*.net* iswm $1-) || ($chr(35) isin $1-)) { 
    set %spamnick $nick
    set %add $fulladdress
    closemsg %spamnick 
    ignore %add
    msg %spamnick Your messages have been auto ignored by user. Spamming detected ( $+ $ifmatch $+ ) %sc Duration : Permanent
    window -e @SpamList
    echo @SpamList %sc You've Ignored14 %spamnick at12 $time(h:nn tt) because of this message :4 $1-
    echo @SpamList %sc To remove this user from ignore list please type /ignore -r %add
    echo @SpamList -×-


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Jonesy44   -  Sep 18, 2008

It's not a bad idea. but it could be done a lot better than this.

regex, allow lists etcetc

Paul_1337noob   -  Sep 18, 2008

most people would say some crap like
omg this is great come to my awsome website "website here"

kddjoe   -  Sep 17, 2008

I know what you mean, but this one only block spammer so there's no problem if someone wants to PM you if they want to chat. So, if someone start their PM conversation with you with like "hi" or "hello" else than "http://" or "#channel" in their 1st message, it won't block the user. :)

DiGiTaL   -  Sep 14, 2008

How about a simple code when someone PMs you, you are asked wether you want to accept their PM or Not? You get a notice of what they pmed you (the first line) and if you want to continue to talk to them /query

What I have is, when someone PMs me they automatically go under my PM Ignores unless they are in my PM exceptions. So if some random person PMed me they'd be ignored right away, I have to either PM them to start a conversation or put them in my exceptions.

kddjoe   -  Sep 14, 2008

Actually the %sc var stands for the name of the script. I didn't put the var %sc setting here.
Yes DiGiTaL. That's the main reason why I write this one :P anyway I put the window for that reason too. I mean when a friend of mine giving me a URL, I still see what the URL is. But I did include instruction on how to remove the ignored nick. I actually wanted to make a query acceptor but since there are hundreds of inviter and spammer everyday, I decided just to block and ignore it.

DiGiTaL   -  Sep 13, 2008

So If I had to PM a friend and give him a URL, this script would assume Im a spam bot?

:/ there are betters ways to write this.

napa182   -  Sep 11, 2008

why ignore them everywhere if they are spamming you in a p2p?
why not use the -p switch instead.
you also have the var %sc but i dont see it being set anywhere, and why even use vars at all.
there is no need to use them.
This looks like it was taken from a bigger code cuz of the vars being set...

Eugenio   -  Sep 11, 2008


Jonesy44   -  Sep 11, 2008

LMFAO @ Nipple ends xD

Paul_1337noob   -  Sep 11, 2008

excellent, them fr00bs are always gettin on my nipple ends
never got round to making 1 of these

off topic: w00t lol Eugenio and jonesy both on 980 comments XD

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