Two way Encryption Example

By sean
Platform:  PHP
Published  Sep 08, 2008
Updated  Feb 12, 2013
simple encryption example. output is the sum of 2 and the ascii value of each character.
for example, below is listed a string of characters and their ascii value.
s = 115, e = 101, a = 97, n = 110

this snippet will take the ascii value and add 2 to it. the output would be ( within an array ):
s = 117, e = 103, a = 99, n = 112

finially, the snippet implode()'s the output into a string separated by character 46 ('.'). you can change the operation ('+') and the key ('2') to your desire for security and functionality purposes.

Usage: printf('encrypted: %s<br />decrypted: %s', _enc($s), _dec(_enc($s))); function _enc($s)
for( $i = 0; $i < strlen($s); $i++ )
$r[] = ord($s[$i]) + 2;
return implode('.', $r);

function _dec($s)
$s = explode(".", $s);
for( $i = 0; $i < count($s); $i++ )
$s[$i] = chr($s[$i] - 2);
return implode('', $s);


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Zmodem   -  Sep 09, 2008
XAMPP is my favorite.
Hawkee   -  Sep 09, 2008
Or you could use XAMPP or Apache2Triad to get Apache/PHP/mySQL running on Windows in just a few minutes.
sean   -  Sep 09, 2008
i believe you mean plus you would need to install php as well
jonesy44   -  Sep 09, 2008 :P

or host.. then run the function
sean   -  Sep 09, 2008
well it's not that simple. whatever your testing on, whether it be your host or locally, needs to have php installed. then before using the provided example, you would need to define $s with the string you wanted to encrypt; hence: _enc($s), _dec(_enc($s))
Lindrian   -  Sep 09, 2008
Create a file called "test.php" and put the code in it, aswell as the example, and open it.
EL   -  Sep 09, 2008
ugh sounds cool just wish i could test this as easy as mirc codes :(.`-.-ยด
sean   -  Sep 09, 2008
thank you Hawkee.
i think everything should be 'up to standard' now :P
Hawkee   -  Sep 08, 2008
Good example of a very basic two-way encryption function. Although the key, "2", could be elaborated on a bit more to make this more flexible and secure.

Also, I think a title more like "Two way Encryption Example" would be more appropriate for this snippet.
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