Server Listout

By napalm` on Sep 01, 2008

This is for EL being a pushy little bugger.

Gives total and names of the Servers you are connected to.

alias lserv { 
  var %list , %x $scon(0) , %t = %x
  while %x { 
    %list = $addtok(%list,$iif($scon(%x).network,$v1,$scon(%x).server),44) 
    dec %x 
  echo $color(info) -at * $+(Servers[,%t,]:) %list


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Bullet_Dodger   -  Oct 15, 2008

I know how to use aliases you dork -.-
/me smh

napalm`   -  Oct 14, 2008

lmfao, damn clowns

Eugenio   -  Oct 14, 2008

/me joins sonny ;x

xredxthornsx   -  Oct 14, 2008

lol if someone doesn't know how to use aliases they need type /help aliases and find out.

~Sonny   -  Oct 06, 2008

ROFLLLLLLLLL @ not knowing how to use aliases.
/me dies laughing
If you don't know how to use aliases, you probably should be reading a tutrial, not lookin up scripts. -.-

Bullet_Dodger   -  Sep 30, 2008

Hmm a good script but the only problem is you didnt explain how to use it in the introduction, Some people wouldnt realise how to use /aliases

Apart from that its pretty neat

napalm`   -  Sep 01, 2008

Whatever appeals the eye. :P

Scakk   -  Sep 01, 2008

Interesting. I kind liked mine "space , space" between each so I changed the echo line as below.

echo $color(info) -at * $+(Servers[,%t,]:) $replace($sorttok(%list,44),$chr(44),$+($chr(32),$chr(44),$chr(32)))

So I see

[22:00] * Servers[3]: Caelestia , DaIRC , Foonetic
EL   -  Sep 01, 2008

Well done napalmcould be usefull in a larger application.-.-´

Dodge   -  Sep 01, 2008

WhoooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo! so we can party now <(_)>

napalm`   -  Sep 01, 2008

Yes, a glorious place. :/

irchainscriptz   -  Sep 01, 2008

omg here we go lol

Eugenio   -  Sep 01, 2008


Cheiron   -  Sep 01, 2008

hurray!!! Napalm` has popped his Hawkee cherry snickers

welcome to the site dude :)

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