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By maggot4life on Sep 01, 2008

this is Very simple i know and small and probably useless to most people, but im very new to scripting and this is my first script, made it for my bot so that i can put commands into one list for chatters, feel free to edit it all you want,

Of course add ur command where "command" is in the script,

on *:TEXT:!commands*:#: { msg $chan The Commands Are, Command, Command , Command , Command , command}


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asakura   -  Sep 01, 2008

you made other snippets which come from the comands u added here? well where are they! :p

Eugenio   -  Sep 01, 2008

and that takes some beating
severe FAIL

ChunkieMonkey   -  Sep 01, 2008

FAIL worse then me

Typo   -  Sep 01, 2008

You submitted the same useless code twice in a row for no reason, once with your personal triggers in it and once with those triggers replaced by the word command.

Neither code should have been posted in the first place but to post it twice in a row like that is even more innapropriate.

I understand that your new to scripting but honestly, when did that become a good excuse to post a script that absolutey nobody except for yourself will find usefull?

The snippet section is not your personal pastebin.

If you want opinions on a simple code like this one, then go to the forum but don't release things like this as a snippet.

Anybody that can make an On Text event to use triggers will not need this to make the commands list as they obviously already have the required knowledge to make a working On Text or there wouldnt even be a trigger to list.

People that do need an example of an On Text event can just look in the help file as it has a few different examples that show the use on On Text rather well.

People releasing codes like this are killing this site.

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