[A] - On Join [Bot Version] (V1.3B#2004)

By Advanced on Oct 05, 2004

This on join remote contains a simple peak script aswell as an auto channel setup feature, so if you are the first user joining the channel it will set modes +nt. The peak script records to a file called Channels.ini as on my bot it stores alot more than just the peak of a channel. If you want the current channel peak then you would just //say $readini($mircdirChannels.ini,$chan,Peak). You could also add a line after it does the writeini fuction so that it messages the channel with something like: PEAK BROKEN -> New peak is $readini($mircdirChannels.ini,$chan,Peak) $+ . If you wanted you could also store the person who set it and at what time :P * For further help join #Advanced on IRC.AustNet.Org (paagrio.at.eu.austnet.org or sg.austnet.org)

on *:JOIN:*:{ 
  if ($readini($mircdirChannels.ini,$chan,Peak) <= $nick($chan,0,a)) { writeini $mircdirChannels.ini $chan Peak $nick($chan,0,a) }
  if ($nick == $me) && (nt !isin $chan(#).mode) && (($chan,0,a) = 1)  { timer 1 3 mode # +nt }
  else { halt }


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Xavia   -  Sep 23, 2011

Hello Jathro :)

well, thats said :)

havent seen thats, but thats life :)

Jethro   -  Sep 23, 2011

Xavia, you're not in luck, as the author has been gone since 2004.

Xavia   -  Sep 23, 2011

I like it :)

Can you update it a littlebit?

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