Sendraw join (flood) NoNameScript only

By DJA14 on Aug 29, 2008

Goes in aliases. Requires +N umode and sendraw module on UnrealIRCd.
Usage: /joinclients

Echos use NNS theme engine.

The rootname is a name which the nick name of the joining user will be named after, along with a random four digit number after it.

The joining user will also get a fake generated cloaked host.

joinclients { if (!$1) thmecho Syntax error: /joinclients <rootname> <number> | elseif (N !isin $usermode) thmecho Error: You must have 11Network Administrator privileges to use 10/sendraw. | elseif (!$chan) thmecho Error: You must be on a channel. | else { unset %j.clients | var %i = $2 | while (%i) { var %nickid. [ $+ [ %i ] ] $+($1,$rand(0,9),$rand(0,9),$rand(0,9),$rand(0,9)) | var %nickid. [ $+ [ %i ] ] $+(%nickid. [ $+ [ %i ] ],!,%nickid. [ $+ [ %i ] ],@,$chostgen) | sendraw $chan :: $+ %nickid. [ $+ [ %i ] ] JOIN $chan | dec %i } } }
chostgen { var %x = 1 | while (%x <= 29) { if ($istok(9 18 27,%x,32)) { var %r %r $+ . | goto inc } | elseif (%x == 28) { var %r %r $+ I | goto inc } | elseif (%x == 29) { var %r %r $+ P | goto inc } | else var %r %r $+ $iif($rand(1,2) == 1,$rand(A,Z),$rand(0,9)) | :inc | inc %x } | return %r }


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DJA14   -  Aug 30, 2008

mountaindew, I've made another alias which allows you to part all the joined clients. Will post that as soon as it's working a bit more smoothly. The variable is a part of it.

napa182   -  Aug 29, 2008

well thats fine that you made them for ur self, but why not redo them so others dont have to download that crappy NNS

guest598594   -  Aug 29, 2008
unset %j.clients

Is this variable part of NNS? If not, you don't set it anywhere so I don't see why you're unsetting it.

Scakk   -  Aug 29, 2008

Instead of us having to redo the alias to make it work for us why do you not redo it to work without the NNS for us.

DJA14   -  Aug 29, 2008

... It says NoNameScript Only, I think you just murdered your own argument. :/

I made these aliases for myself, and chose to share them by popular request. If you wanna use them, by all means, but you're going to have to change the thmecho to echo and remove a couple of other custom identifiers.
My aliases don't need any testing, they all work perfectly, bugfree. If they didn't I wouldn't have posted. >.<

Cheiron   -  Aug 29, 2008

another NNS snippet.. any chance of explaining for us as to why you are specifically targeting a pre-wrote script that uses a platform like mirc or irrisi etc in order to run.

these snippets are supposed to be for mIRC as in the client.. not for a prewrote addon script. and if it is so.. please can you in the script title add for NNS so users will know. eg.. IRCop alias for NonNameScript .. or Remote editor for Majestic Script only.

that way we will all know what it is for and users of these prewrote scripts can easily access the related addons that they want instead of normal mIRC users looking at a snippet that is useless to them in both use and being able to test. we cant test these snippets you post unless we obtain a copy of NNS and add it to a blank mIRC soley for just testing these snippets.

i am not having a dig here, just trying to make it a bit clearer for you for posting stuff and labelling it for the right users.

cheers :)

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