Stop Windows Automatic Update Reboot Window

By Zmodem on Aug 25, 2008

Okay, it's a simple alias that will close the Windows XP Automatic Update AutoReboot window that plagues everyone! Enjoy!

Syntax: /

You will see the command prompt start, execute the close parameters, and then close.

; This is a basic alias that will allow you to close the
; annoying Windows XP Automatic Update Reboot dialog
; window.
; By far the nagiest piece of nag that ever existed, this
; stupid window is totally unnecessary! Microsoft should
; be ashamed of themselves for ever forcing it upon us!
; Tip: If you didn't already know, put this in your
; remotes section of the mIRC Editor (ALT+R, most of the
; time, is the hotkey)

alias run cmd /C net stop wuauserv


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SuPeRFlY   -  Oct 16, 2008

Will this do it automaticaly or have to type a command each time?

EDIT: ignore my above comment :) .. very nice

Zmodem   -  Aug 26, 2008

Hey, good point! /me forgot that he even used /K. Thanks, Pass!

Pass   -  Aug 25, 2008

Instead of leaving the cmd window open, why not use '/C' instead of '/K'?

EL   -  Aug 25, 2008

Rofl ahh yeah that pain in the ass i get ya now.Awesome.`-.-´

Zmodem   -  Aug 25, 2008

You ever use windows update, and then when it's finished SOMETIMES it requires a reboot? Well, if you click "Restart Later", it constantly pops up again, every 10 minutes. This will close that annoying window.

EL   -  Aug 25, 2008

Rofl what auto updater? erm wich one i should ask.`-.-´

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