Welcome to chan!

By lillaiwazz on Aug 16, 2008

Hi here i a verry simpel Welcome script!!!

HI , Welcome to I Hope You Like It! It's my first script =) ```mirc ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; Made By Lillaiwazz ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; on *:JOIN:#"yourchannel":{ msg $chan Hi $nick , Welcome to 4 $chan } ```


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blitzz   -  Jun 12, 2009

lillaiwazz. you have many alternative here :P

TravisT   -  Jun 12, 2009

lol their credit to themselves is bigger than the actual script. >.>

PATX   -  Jun 12, 2009
on *:join:#: { notice $nick welcome to $chan $nick! }

that way u others cant see it :)

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Jun 06, 2009

jonesy44 10/10
works great!
/me recommends it to Weasel

Jonesy44   -  Jun 06, 2009

on *:join:#:if ($nick == $me) part #

Kirbeh_Pr0nz   -  Jun 06, 2009

it could also be:

on !*:JOIN:#:{ msg # Hi $nick $+ ! Welcome to # $+ . }

inspired by jonesy44------^

Jonesy44   -  Jun 06, 2009

Yes.. hell of a difference Weasel.

Weasel   -  Jun 06, 2009

could be

 on *:join:#: { msg $chan hi $nick $+ , welcome to $chan }
sercan386   -  Jun 06, 2009

this rocks!!!!!! thanks for making ^^

Jethro   -  Jun 06, 2009

Nice work, lillaiwazz. But I think it may need a little flood check so that you won't get flooded in a channel where heavy traffic persists:

on !*:JOIN:#YourChannel:inc -u3 %x | $iif(%x > 5,return,.msg $chan $+(Hi,$chr(32),$nick,$chr(44),$chr(32),welcome to,$chr(3),04,$chan))

And ! in front the onjoin event is your friend so you don't send a greeting to yourself.

buddy   -  Jun 05, 2009

simple but works great

Jonesy44   -  Jun 05, 2009

Halt's main use occurs in on open events to auto close the msg. you can avoid virtually EVERY other halt with using correct logic. if then else statements.

PurplesurgeMirc   -  Jun 05, 2009

else halt, rofl

No script I've ever seen needs /halt

Cheiron   -  Aug 19, 2008

why be so complex about that lol... it is much simpler than all that if you want to make it for a set channel only..

on *:JOIN:#channel: {msg $chan Hi $nick and welcome to the channel }

DragonFlare   -  Aug 19, 2008

no because if he tried what you posted it wouldnt halt it to the room they want it to if there is a certain room you dont want it to spam in you could do this

 On *:join:#:{
if ($chan == #roomnamehere) | halt
msg $chan Hi $nick Welcome To The 4 $chan

or he could use

 on *:join*:#:{
if ($chan == #roomnamehere) msg $chan Hi And Welcome To $chan $nick 
elseif ($chan == #roomnamehere) msg $chan Welcome To The Room $nick
else halt
pwnisher3   -  Aug 18, 2008

try this

on *:JOIN:#:{
  msg $chan Hi $nick , Welcome to 4 $chan
EL   -  Aug 16, 2008

Rofl yes i give free ops in my coders chan;p its a testin chan so mite as well.Plus if anyone abuses it the othe coders can pwn em at there will ^_^

Soulkeeper   -  Aug 16, 2008

EL does it. >:P

napa182   -  Aug 16, 2008

lmao why would you want to auto op anyone that joins ur chan...

Jonesy44   -  Aug 16, 2008

.. why? If they are ops .. they'll get opped by cs

RaiNBoW_Six   -  Aug 16, 2008

hahaha maybe give nick op

Cheiron   -  Aug 16, 2008

welcome to Hawkee firstly.

the posted snippet is very basic level. but it works if nothing else. :)

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