-=- KicK ProTeCTioN -=-

By Da_DoN on Sep 29, 2004

when someone simply kicks you out of a channel, you automatically join it, and in the channel when someone ops you, you automatically kick the person who kicked you out of the channel


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nikooo777   -  Jun 29, 2009

if ($knick == $me) {

should be:
if ($knick == $me) && ($nick != $me) {

else if you kick yourselft you are dead xD

spitfire3292   -  May 17, 2006

haha nice script...looks good...and i may even use it..:D

Jordyboy   -  May 17, 2006

Lol, good script, i hate it when i kick my friend with protectionon, then he comes back, then he banns me, the i ban myself for spamming, i kcik my self, he unbanns i comeback, i kick my self agian!!!

Da_DoN   -  Oct 01, 2004


Shadow_Knight   -  Oct 01, 2004

you have a backwards ( in if ($opnick == $me(

Da_DoN   -  Sep 30, 2004

nothings wrong, it only gets triggered if ur the one who gets kick as it is spcified in the code if ($knick == $me) then it will get triggered

xDaeMoN   -  Sep 29, 2004

Something\'s wrong with ur code. You should specify if you\'re the one being OPed or else this snippet will be triggered everytime somebody else gets opped & give you an error message.

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