By _Daniel_ on Aug 15, 2008

My first code..

on $*:text:/^!google/Si:#: if (!$2) { halt } | .msg # [Google] $+(www.google.com,/,$2-)


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guest598594   -  Aug 19, 2008

Well jonesy, you can also use ^ inside [ ]'s to not include. Like [^something]

And there's no need for regex anyway.

Jonesy44   -  Aug 16, 2008

Ahh okay IFHTT .. it's different in PHP then :P

TropicalMeltdown   -  Aug 16, 2008

ok how do yu use it

IFHTT   -  Aug 16, 2008

^ indicates that the match is at the beginning of a string in regex

Jonesy44   -  Aug 15, 2008

doesn't /^ mean string does not contain following text? :/ or is that just reg-ex's

IFHTT   -  Aug 15, 2008

I don't think it'll work unless you use a replace to change the spaces to +.

Also you have to add /search?q= to the url otherwise google will not search for the query.

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