Admin Bot Cmds

By easy_way on Aug 10, 2008

Just a few admin cmds for a bot such as !cycle.
The script says it all.

on *:text:!cycle:#: {
  hop $chan
on *:text:!global*:*: {
  amsg $$2-
on *:text:!reconnect:#: {
  timer 1 3 /server -m YOUR NETWORK HERE
on *:text:!part:#: {
  part $chan 
on *:text:!quit:#: {
on *:text:!join*:#: {
  join $2


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Noutrious   -  Aug 13, 2008

I rated it 1 meaning as \"bad\" NOT ripped.

Neo_   -  Aug 13, 2008


F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Aug 10, 2008

uh...... then what i said above about > /timer 0 1 say !reconnect will not only get you banned, but will also flood your computer until its banned

and also, i\'d just increase a var, example

 inc %varname
DragonFlare   -  Aug 10, 2008

or you could make it write it to a ini file of how many times its been used


on :text:!reconnect:#:{
timer 1 3 /server -m YOUR NETWORK HERE
writeini Reconnections.ini Reconnections Reconnections
writeini Reconnections.ini Times Times 0
writeini Reconnections.ini Times Times $calc($readini(Reconnections.ini,Times,Times) + 1)

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Aug 10, 2008

/timer 0 5 say !reconnect that\'ll get your IP banned pretty quickly i think

An example of what Cherion said,

on owner:TEXT:!*:#: {
  if ($1 == !cmd1) { do this cmd }

therefore, in the bot access you require someone with the Owner level access to be able to use this, believe its settable by > /auser owner

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to fix this script. Its a great place to start and i hope that you learn from it, can redo this script and get it even better

Rating: 4

Cheiron   -  Aug 10, 2008

basic yes.. works.. might want to set an access level though for using it... ie on @:TEXT:

Eugenio   -  Aug 10, 2008

whoever rated 1 needs to have proof they riped.
/me rates 4

DaNzO   -  Aug 10, 2008

Maybe add

if ($1 = !quit) quit $2

So you can have a quit message.

This is a pretty basic script, Some confusing commands and some useless.
This script gets a 3 from me \"Not Useful\".

  • DaNzO
Noutrious   -  Aug 10, 2008

omgwtflol this oldschool will never end.

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
if ($1 = !cycle) hop $chan
if ($1 = !global) && ($2) amsg $2-
if ($1 = !reconnect) server $server
if ($1 = !part) part $chan
if ($1 = !quit) quit
if ($1 = !join) && ($2 ischan) join $2

That !reconnect part is just stupid, although... all the script is stupid!

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