Dont look >_>

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Aug 09, 2008
Updated  Aug 09, 2008
- delete - LOL i need 2 sort it out :P i was half asleep when i made it and it only seems 2 be half there


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cptpan   -  Jan 24, 2011
Hopefully he's dead
Jethro   -  Dec 21, 2010
I wonder if he's been awake since. :/
sercan386   -  Dec 21, 2010
incredible... mindblowing. after almost a year i am still amazed. 10/10
Lucius   -  Sep 05, 2010
where do I copy it to?

[edit] it doesn't work for me! FIX IT!

[edit2] wait I got it now, it doesn't work like I thought it did... I should have read the description.

[edit3] but you should alter it a bit anyway so it's like I want...

[edit4] 10/10!

[edit5] seriously... I wonder what it's going to be when the other half is done? keep at it asakura! :]
Grant-   -  Sep 05, 2010
I wish I could make something as awesome as this.
cptpan   -  Sep 04, 2010
Excellent seller AAA+++ would buy again
sercan386   -  May 22, 2009
finest quality 10/10
DaNzO   -  Aug 10, 2008
This = Fail.
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