Small Master Script

By Calyp5o on Aug 08, 2008

This is my first snippet so be kind... it's just a small master script that can be built around and added to. I intend to add a 500 level later, for just +o access and other features. There's still lots to do on this... in fact if anyone has ideas to add to it I'd love to hear them!

Also, if anyone knows a shorter way of making the .j and .p commands work, i'd be happy to learn them! It looks a bit complicated as it stands and took ages (I had help from a friend , Spun).

I've only been scripting a short while... been interested in it for a year or more, but only started properly about a week ago. I hope someone sees this and comments, be it good or bad!!

Kind regards,

Calyp5o aka Bexy


alias Master {
  /guser 1000 $$1
alias Remove_Master {
  /ruser 1000 $$1 $+ !
menu nicklist {
  .Make Master:/Master $$1 | /notice $$1 You now have access to my controls. Type .c for commands.
  .Remove Master:/Remove_Master $$1
#MS on
on *:text:.c*:*:{ notice $nick , +q for gold , -q to drop gold , +o for brown, -o to drop brown, .j <roomname> to send me to a room, .p <roomname> to part room, .away and .rtn to set my (C) }
on 1000:TEXT:*+q:#:mode $chan +q $nick
on 1000:TEXT:*-q:#:mode $chan -q $nick
on 1000:TEXT:*+o:#:mode $chan +o $nick
on 1000:TEXT:*-o:#:mode $chan -o $nick
on 1000:TEXT:*.away*:#:away Away
on 1000:TEXT:*.rtn*:#:away
on 1000:TEXT:*.hop*:#:hop #
on 1000:TEXT:.j*:#: {
  if ($me !ison $iif($chr(35) $+ * !iswm $2-,$+($chr(35),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b)),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b))) {
    join $iif($chr(35) $+ * !iswm $2-,$+($chr(35),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b)),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b))
    msg $chan Joining $2- $+ ......
  elseif ($me ison $iif($chr(35) $+ * !iswm $2-,$+($chr(35),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b)),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b))) { msg $chan You already sent me to $2- though! }
on 1000:TEXT:.p*:#: part $iif($chr(35) $+ * !iswm $2-,$+($chr(35),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b)),$replace($2-,$chr(32),\b))
on 1000:TEXT:.hug me*:#: { describe $chan hugs $nick tightly. }
#MS end


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Calyp5o   -  Aug 09, 2008

Thanks! I will, soon. :D

DaNzO   -  Aug 09, 2008

Not a bad scriot, get\'s a 4 from me.

try expanding it a little more though.

adding commands like... Banning, Kicking, Channel Settings

Eugenio   -  Aug 08, 2008


Calyp5o   -  Aug 08, 2008

WOW! I\'m delighted - thanks for the response and the help. I really appreciate that! :) I\'ll take a look at that away area!

p.s. Eug, they\'re my robot army. ;]

Soulkeeper   -  Aug 08, 2008

Well, You\'ve got two triggers to do the same thing:

on 1000:TEXT:*.away*:#:away Away
on 1000:TEXT:*.rtn*:#:away

I\'d also change them to:

 on 1000:TEXT:*.away*:#:
if ($away = $false) {
away $2-
amsg Now away: $2-
else {
amsg Back From: $awaymsg

Just a thought.

on 1000:TEXT:*.hop*:#:hop #

On that one, you don\'t have to have the channel in there.

Overall 6/10, for not being the best that I\'ve seen.

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