A Simple netsplit detector

By StaticX__ on Aug 06, 2008

A simple netsplit detector

on *:QUIT:{
  if ((*.*.* iswm $1) && (*.*.* iswm $2)) {
    if ($1- == %netsplit.servers) { halt }
    else {
      /ame Netsplit between $1 and $2
      /set -u10 %nesplit.servers $1-


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StaticX__   -  Aug 07, 2008

it has \"..* iswm $1\". if he quits, \"Quit:\" will be the $1, so he won\'t own my script.
***I tested my script too.. I quitted with reason \"lol.lol.lol lol.lol.lol\" and it didn\'t say anything..

Soulkeeper   -  Aug 07, 2008

Uh, I think mIRC only cares about the message. I themed it out. What Furby said will own your script. :<

Now, if you wanted to make it entertaining, make it haltdef, echo it to a new window, just saying who was split. :>

StaticX__   -  Aug 07, 2008

no you won\'t win because your reason Will be \"Quit: this.is.stupid because.this.will.trigger.it\".. and you will win only if you quit without the \"Quit:\" msg.

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Aug 07, 2008
//quit this.is.stupid because.this.will.trigger.it

think i win?

napa182   -  Aug 06, 2008

lol so true asakura

asakura   -  Aug 06, 2008

on a netsplit you can notice it well lol because many leave so i dont think its to useful to be honesy

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