Kick With Your Own Reasons

By StaticX__ on Jul 31, 2008

Hello again, I've been working on a remote-code the last days, and I finally managed to complete it :)
It worked 100% in my bot..
With this script you can add your own kick reasons, and the bot will kick with a random reason of these you've entered in the system.
Because I cannot explain it better, and some people won't understand, here is an example:
Let's say that you have entered Three reasons in the system.
We have:
The bot will use one random reason of these 3, and it will kick the user. So, you will see:
NICK has kicked KICKED-NICK from #channel (Reason1)
or NICK has kicked KICKED-NICK from #channel (Reason2)
or NICK has kicked KICKED-NICK from #channel (Reason3)
random reasons, babe :P

1.To find the number of the reason you want to delete, simply type !list-reasons and you will see it.
2.You type @!kick to kick a nick from the channel with a random reason
3.Put this script in your bot.
4.Don't forget to type /auser kicker nick, where nick is a nick that will have access to this system. You can enter as many users as you want.

The only thing that this remote code needs is making it smaller.
I think it's easily to use, and that I explained it well..


on kicker:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !add-reason) {
    if ($hget(reasonz)) {
      hadd reasonz $2-
      msg $chan Reason Added.
    else { 
      /hmake reasonz
      /hadd reasonz $2-
      /msg $chan Reason Added. 
    if ($2 == $null) {
      /msg $chan Something is missing.
  if ($1 == !del-reason) {
    if ($hget(reasonz,$2).item) {
      /hdel reasonz $hget(reasonz,$2).item
      /msg $chan Reason Deleted.
    else { /msg $chan Couldn't find the reason. }
  if ($1 == !list-reasons) {
    var %k.reasons = $hget(reasonz,0).item
    var %i = 1
    while (%i <= %k.reasons) {
      /msg $chan < $+ %i $+ > Reason: $hget(reasonz,%i).item
      /inc %i
  if ($1 == @!kick) {
    var %k.reasonzz = $hget(reasonz,$rand(1,$hget(reasonz,0).item)).item
    kick # $2 %k.reasonzz



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