/sme - Choose your /ame channels.

By StaticX__ on Jul 30, 2008

This is an alias which allows you to select in which Channels your /ame text won't appear.

What do you need to change:
var %channels = #channel1 #channel2 - You type your selected channels that the /ame command won't appear, for example, it must be :
var %channels = #fun #games #music
Change Only This Thing! Not anything else..

Just type /sme and it will (99%) work.
It worked in my mIRC..

Put this code in your Remotes section..
I Made the Variables for easier use of the code..

alias sme {
  if ($1 != $null) {
    var %x = 1
    var %allchannels = $comchan($me,0)
    var %channels = #channel1 #channel2
    while (%x <= %allchannels) {
      if (!$istok(%channels,$comchan($me,%x),32)) {
        describe $comchan($me,%x) $1-
      inc %x
  else { echo $color(info) -a * /sme: No text To Send }


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StaticX__   -  Jul 30, 2008

ok ty :D

guest598594   -  Jul 30, 2008

It doesn\'t really matter but $chan(N) can include channels that you\'re not actually on, so like if you\'re kicked or something it\'ll still be in there.

StaticX__   -  Jul 30, 2008

and why $comchan($me,0) and not $chan(0) ? Isn\'t the same thing?
Btw.. I Changed it to $istok(...)

guest598594   -  Jul 30, 2008

I would use $comchan($me,0) instead of $chan(0) and I think it\'d be better to set the channels in one tokenized variable, so you\'re not limited to 2. So like %channels could be \"#chan1 #chan2 #chan3\" and then you would check if (!$istok(%channels,$comchan($me,%x),32)) { describe... }

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