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By M[n]M on Jun 23, 2008

so here it is.. this is for any of you who got their own IRCd server and services

  • when people register the channel - global says the channel registered by this person and showes the name of that channel that they registered and uh if you have your own bot this bot autojoins to that channel and when they drop the channel it leaves that specific channel. well you'll understand what I'm talkin about once you get this script :P
    BTW the channel has to be #services or you can also change it to the channel that you want the bot to go! =') bugi..
on *:TEXT:*:#SERVICES:{ 
  if ($4 == registered) { /join $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) | /timer 1 3 msg $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) Hi, I'm4 $me 1the 4Logbot1 of the server. You registered this channel. Please do NOT kick me out unless if you want to get G:lined I'm official bot. | timer 1 4 msg $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) For Bot Type: /msg botserv assign4 $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) 1<BOT> | timer 1 5 msg $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) Commands:4 !Cmd | /timer 1 2 os raw :chanserv mode $remove($3,$chr(39),$chr(39)) +ao $me $me } 
  if ($4 == dropped) { /msg $3 The Channel Is Dropped By -4 $remove($8,$chr(41)) | /part $3  }


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M[n]M   -  Jun 23, 2008

o shoot you might wanna remove some of themm :\ where it says !cmd :\

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