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By Trikloa on Jun 17, 2008

This was actually a request from one of the people in the channel that used my Request a Script " " and I pretty much posted it here, since I wasn't going to use it, and for him to get his hands on........I know it's pretty basic, and even the most beginners of scriptor could've made this, but whatever, it's not like I'm going to make something more complicated than it should be. I seriously don't think this is the best thing I've way is this getting a 10....

on *:JOIN:#:{
if (%a [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) { halt }
inc %a | notice $nick You are visitor number %a $+ , just thought I'd point that out | set %a [ $+ [ $nick ] ]


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Magelycon   -  Apr 10, 2012

what do you mean with You are visitor number rubble.wav,?

AHBARAR   -  Jun 23, 2008

-_- i hate this %a & %b & %i <--- lmao never tried them i will go to see whtthey are

EL   -  Jun 18, 2008

umm how about not callin other ppl n00bs while tryn to help them? proly be more effect for them to learn and try coding correctly as well:P you are in fact teaching \'\'n00bs\'\' as you put it mite do well to get it rite for both yur sakes.`-.-´

napa182   -  Jun 17, 2008

seems you messed it up by

if (%a [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) { halt }

dont you mean

if (%b [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) { halt }
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