Evil Copier

By HKboy on Jun 14, 2008

This script, simply copies other people's text (Bot command)

For starting, type "!copy on " (e.g. !copy on HKboy )
To put off, type !copy off
If the copier is on, and you type !copy on HKboy2, it stopped copying HKboy and started Copying 2 (conclusion: 1 nick at a time)

[22:00] <@HKboy> No copying
[22:01] <@HKboy> !copy on HKboy
[22:01] --Diffybot-- Done mistress
[22:01] <@HKboy> What is this?
[22:01] <@Diffybot> What is this?
[22:01] <@HKboy> Please stop it!
[22:01] <@Diffybot> Please stop it!
[22:01] <@HKboy> !copy off
[22:01] --Diffybot-- Deleted "copy"
[22:01] <@HKboy> shht Diffybot, bad bot!

You may edit, reproduce and stuff...
Credits will be welcome :D

on *:text:!copy*:#: {
  if ($nick == HKboy) {
    if ($2 == on) {
      set %annoy $3
      notice $nick Done mistress
    if ($2 == off) {
      unset %annoy
      notice $nick Deleted "copy"
on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if (%annoy) {
    if ($nick == %annoy) {
      msg $chan $1-


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Seven_Dayss   -  Jun 17, 2008

basicaly it\'s the same with my !sharingan,,
but it needs more improvement,,


Noutrious   -  Jun 15, 2008
on *:text:!copy*:#:if ($nick == HKboy) { set %annoy $iif($2,$2,0) | notice $nick Annoying $+($iif(%annoy,enabled on $v1,disabled),.) }
on *:TEXT:*:#:if ($nick == %annoy) msg $chan $1-
on *:ACTION:*:#:if ($nick == %annoy) describe $chan $1-

Syntax changes to: !Copy [nick] to copy some nick and !Copy to disable.
Asking why? Nick can be \"off\" too.

  • this copies /me messages too.

Take example ;)

PuNkTuReD   -  Jun 15, 2008

this is why other people cant use it
if ($nick == HKboy) {
change the HKboy to your nick or set
%owner YoueNick
and use
if ($nick == %owner) {

Wizarrd1   -  Jun 15, 2008

I couldn\'t get this to work at all

Korvin   -  Jun 14, 2008

you could make it copy multiple peoples text:

      set %annoy $3-
if ($istok(%annoy,$nick,32)) { msg $chan $1- } 

or to make this ACTUALLY usefull, add

if ($istok(%annoy,$nick,32)) { write copy.txt $+(<,$nick,> $1- }
HKboy   -  Jun 14, 2008

@mountaindew: deleted the useless part

guest598594   -  Jun 14, 2008
  if (!%annoy) {
    halt |

That part isn\'t needed, since if (!%annoy) wouldn\'t do anything anyway.

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