Join Counter

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jun 07, 2008
Updated  Jun 07, 2008
I created this Join counter, it should count how ever many channels you join. I'm not sure if it works fully because I only got it to work in one chan. Please help!! Created by Pokemaster23/Artemis_Fowl


on 1:join:#: {
If ($nick == $Me) {
inc %JoinCount
Msg $chan 09,01 I have joined %JoinCount channels.


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Noutrious   -  Jun 09, 2008

Don\'t claim this as yours, but take example from this code.
pokemaster23   -  Jun 07, 2008
And I guess I wanted it to count all channel joins, and not just seperate joins.
pokemaster23   -  Jun 07, 2008
Rofl. But seriously, it was just boredom, I wasn\'t even sure what I was making until it was done o.o
EL   -  Jun 07, 2008
/me is harsh nah jk as it is its counting every channel you join maybe try to make count every time you join separate channels using ini files.`-.-ยด
pokemaster23   -  Jun 07, 2008
Please comment and help! Be harsh.
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