"Bot ascii"

By Lindrian on Jun 05, 2008

This is pretty much alike my old ascii snippet, but I remade this one a bit. A friend asked for a script which will output the ascii in this way (output idea taken from TCLbot and "Scripting" @ Undernet).


alias -l ascii {
  if ($1) && ($isid) {
    var %x = 1
    while ($mid($1,%x,1) != $null) {
      var %z = $v1
      if (!$istok(%i,$asc(%z),32)) {
        var %y %y $qt(04 $+ $replace(%z,$chr(2),Bold,$chr(3),Color,$chr(15),Reset,$chr(22),Reverse,$chr(31),Underline,$chr(32),Space,$chr(160),Hard space) $+ ) 12 $+ $asc(%z), $&
          %i = %i $asc(%z)
      inc %x
    return %y
on $*:TEXT:/[!.@]asc(?>ii)?/Si:#: {
  if (!%asc.block. [ $+ [ $chan ] ]) && ($2) {
    msg $chan Converted (ascii) -> $ascii($2-)
    set -u10 %asc.block. $+ $chan 1


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Lindrian   -  Jun 06, 2008

You can just change the \"-u10\" line to \"-u5\" =)

rebel9  -  Oct 17, 2013

You can also just type //say $asc(@) and that will give you the @ ascii number out loud.

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Bahamut   -  Jun 05, 2008

Mmm, not bad. The script works properly as it should. My only suggestion would be to decrease the interval between usage; it seems far too great to me. Perhaps a five second interval? The reason why is: if you have this script available for use in a large (for example, scripting channel), then I\'m sure you\'ll have a few users that\'ll want to use it for those forgetful ascii numbers.

Nice script.

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