Random Password and Auto Login

By LucSatise on Jun 05, 2008

This snippet Just changes your password to soemthing completely random if you accidently say your password. Also it will remember what it was changed to and will automatically log you in if Nickserv asks you for a password (nickserv only)

Add Code to Remotes (will open up a dialog asking for your current password so it can save it)

Changing Password to one you Want:
Press F5 and the Password Dialog will pop-up. If this doesn't work type /F5

Setting Password to Random One:
Type your password in a channel or PM. (or type /randompass)

Tested Thouroughly =] Enjoy

Effectiveity Note: because of random number sizes this is pretty much impossible to guess for a hacker so you should be pretty safe. Also you dont have to remember your pass.

EDIT: Noticed that if a user changes manually it doesn't change on nickserv so added it on.

on *:START:{
  if (%password == $null) { 
    dialog -dm EnterPass EnterPass
  set %Identify This nickname is registered and protected
on *:NOTICE:*:?:{
  if ($nick == Nickserv) && (%Identify isin $1-) {
    ns identify %password
Dialog EnterPass {
  title "Enter Password"
  option dbu
  size -1 -1 200 50
  text "Enter Password: ", 1, 10 10 40 10 
  edit "", 2, 50 8 140 10, pass
  button "Save Password", 3, 80 25 40 20, default
on *:dialog:EnterPass:sclick:3:{
  if ($did(2).text == $null) { halt }
  set %Password $did(2).text 
  dialog -x EnterPass
  echo $Active 11,1P12assword 11S12aved
  ns set password %password
alias F5 {
  dialog -dm EnterPass EnterPass
on *:INPUT:*:{
  if (%password isin $1-) { randomPass }
alias randomPass {
  set %Password $r(a,z) $+ $r(A,Z) $+ $r(a,z) $+ $r(A,Z) $+ $r(a,z) $+ $r(A,Z) $+ $r(a,z) $+ $r(A,Z) $+ $r(1,999) $+ $r(A,Z) $+ $r(999,2000)
  ns set password %password


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AdrianF   -  Sep 25, 2009

you should make it be able to have different passes for different networks

LucSatise   -  Jun 05, 2008

cb 77 on members. Mageluc1

EDIT: Check the mirc snippet im about to post ;)

criminal   -  Jun 05, 2008

Dude you play rs? >.< Hehe, tell me your cmb & charname ;P I play too
Anyways, gj :P I can\'t work with dialogs so I hope they\'re okai.

LucSatise   -  Jun 05, 2008

Thanks dude.
I was off irc for a while to lv my rs character came back and i had it in my files so i tweaked a bit and posted.

PuNkTuReD   -  Jun 05, 2008

this is a very handy little snippet
ive seen people alot accidently type
ns identify \"password\"
without the /
so yes i gave it a 10

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