Fun Smash mIRC Windows

By SkinArt on Sep 04, 2004

This is just a fun little novelity thing. It requires the winrgn.dll to work so remember to go get that before you complain it doesn't work. Where to get it?.. don't know now i made this a while ago i just thought it'd be fun to share it now. In my script the users use this as a kind of wake up call like a yahoo buzz.. but instead it smashes yours and your privite msg buddies window.. lots of fun especially if you get a glass breaking wav file to go with it. so here it is.

Type /smash in your active window to break it.. and /fix to restore it back to normal.. no 2 smashes r exactly the same as it's completely random.

this snippet it part of the Torment Evolution IRC Script..

_winrgn return WinRgn.dll
winrgn {
  var %result = $dll($_winrgn, $1, $iif($len($2-), $2-, NOT_USED))
  if (E_* iswm %result) {
    echo -a * Error: %result ( $+ $script $+ , line $scriptline $+ )

fix {
  winrgn wrResetWindow

smash {
  ;.splay glassbreak.wav

  var %w = $active, %n = $iif(($1 isnum),$1,6), %nx = $iif(($1 isnum),$1,80)

  winrgn wrSelectWindow $window(%w).hwnd

  winrgn wrSetMode rmRect

  winrgn wrSetRegion 0 0 $window(%w).w $window(%w).h

  while (%nx) {
    winrgn wrSetMode rmRect
    var %d = $rand(15,85), %x = $rand(0,$calc($window(%w).w -%d)), %y = $rand(0,$calc($window(%w).h -%d))
    dec %nx
  while (%n) { 
    var %d = $rand(15,85), %x = $rand(0,$calc($window(%w).w -%d)), %y = $rand(0,$calc($window(%w).h -%d))

    winrgn wrDeleteRegionPoly %x %y $calc(%x +%d) $calc(%y +%d) 35 50 75 100

    dec %n


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astro   -  Sep 07, 2004

yeah it doesn\'t exist no more

Jose`Botella   -  Sep 04, 2004

I just searched the net for that .dll (winrgn.dll) and there were a couple places that used to have it but not anymore. Since your snippet requires it, why don\'t you make it an addon and put the .dll in with it, or send your copy of the .dll, that way those of us that don\'t have it, could use your snippet.

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