Proxy Box

By Neo_ on May 27, 2008

Basically its a proxy box. All you have to do is find a working proxy, put in the ip in the right edit box, then the same for the port then select the type of proxy it is, Then press go, and there you go!, tell me if theres any bugs or if it doesnt work. 50% of this snippet credit goes to my friend for helping. Thanks mate.

menu channel,menubar {
  .Open:dialog -m proxybox proxybox
dialog proxybox {
  title "f0x-iRc Proxy Box"
  size -1 -1 256 84
  option pixels
  edit "Port", 1, 12 50 100 20
  edit "Ip or Hostname?", 2, 11 9 157 20
  button "Go", 3, 179 5 65 27
  radio "Socks 4", 4, 124 39 58 18
  radio "Socks 5", 5, 125 57 57 18
  radio "Proxy", 6, 184 38 61 18
  radio "Dns", 7, 184 57 61 18
  box "", 8, 5 36 114 41
  box "", 9, 3 -2 173 37
on *:dialog:proxybox:*:*:{
  if $devent = sclick {
    if $did = 3 { if $did(proxybox,4).state = 1 { set %svr $did(2,seltext)
        set %prt $did(1,seltext)
      firewall -cm4 on %svr %prt }
      if $did(proxybox,5).state = 1 { set %svr $did(2,seltext)
        set %prt $did(1,seltext)
      firewall -cm5 on %svr %prt }
      if $did(proxybox,6).state = 1 { set %svr $did(2,seltext)
        set %prt $did(1,seltext)
      firewall -cmp on %svr %prt }
      if $did(proxybox,7).state = 1 { set %svr $did(2,seltext)
        if $server = $null { echo No Connection }
        else { /dns %svr }


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Neo_   -  Aug 26, 2008

lmfaoooo, my stuff isnt, like yours. At least mine can be used for a reason ok? ChunkieAss. Stfu now.

ChunkieMonkey   -  Aug 26, 2008

Why post useless stuff if it is such a waste of 'time and space'

EL   -  Jun 26, 2008

Hmm i did take this idea further as well altho considered warz hence why i only gave it to a few ppl to test strictly for coding purposes.Mine comes will 1100 open proxies a mix of sock4 and sock5,14,000 and some nicknames,a simple socket search for up to 20 proxies updated daily(prollly change that to randomize sites to get more),you can change yur mnick anick save both with passwords and it auto changes yur nick an sellects that pass wen you choose it from the list,change ident,fullname,email,server ,port,firewall settings,protocols,hostname and port,also has a scrammbler system can either pick a proxy in the list manually or hit the random hostname an port,or you can scrammble EVERYTHING(mnick.anick,ident,email,gullname,host/port) and rock out.But thanks got the idea from you cause really goin into the mirc optioons EVERYTIME you need o change things its a severe pain this way you can do it from a dialog pretty neat actually and a hell of a time saver.`-.-´

Lindrian   -  Jun 26, 2008

Deleted all the spam by bps19882006 and sent him a warning.

BlueThen   -  Jun 26, 2008


Eugenio   -  Jun 26, 2008

lawl ..........the spam was removed >;[

EL   -  May 27, 2008

Hmm yeah bracket an you should add checks as well i think its a good idea i ll expand on it myself.`-.-´

Jonesy44   -  May 27, 2008

Missing a close bracket at the end ..

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