Lots of Kicks!

By Israfel on May 16, 2008

Well i got bored over a few days and just coded a bunch of kicks. None of these kicks have bans, they all work, and they can easily be added on to, and even come complete with their own menu's ^^

Just a side note, the kick called HKSPATK1 is an attack i coded that uses certain rules of Roleplaying to kill your combatant. It makes for an amusing kick if you add the coding at the end of it <<

Silent Timers added!! Woohoo!!

..~RP Kicks~
...~Water~:{ /me "I am getting annoyed by your antics $1. you'd best shut up" Begins walking off
  .Timer 1 2 /me Suddenly stops and turns, a large silver gun in his hand, "You didn't think you'd get off that easy did you?"
  .Timer 1 4 /me Fires the gun into $1's head dematerilizing them, and transposing them into the Gun itself
  .Timer 1 6 /me Takes the gun and $1's particulate matter into his home
  .Timer 1 8 /me Loads up Windows, waits for password, Inputs password
  .Timer 1 10 /me Plugs he gun into the PC where $1's body is transported onto the screan
  .Timer 1 12 /me Watches $1 run around in fear of the pointer
  .Timer 1 14 /me Clicks on $1 a few times.. Click Click Click.. he hee
  .Timer 1 17 /me Opens Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne
  .Timer 1 19 /me Loads up DOTA
  .Timer 1 21 /me Uses $1 as his Character
  .Timer 1 23 /me Has no specials, 1 Hit point no armor and is running direcly into Undead teritroty
  .Timer 1 25 /me Watches $1 die
  .Timer 1 27 /me does it again.. and then a quick few hundred times
  .Timer 1 29 /me Gets bored and quits DOTA, then loads up Oasiz 
  .Timer 1 31 /me Begins RPing as $1's character
  .Timer 1 33 /me Sucks horribly at it
  .Timer 1 35 /me Die's as $1, and watches $1 explode on screen. Cleans it off and drags it to the Trash can where $1 is kept for processing
  .Timer 1 37 /me Launches the Cyber Trash into Cyber space, and watches it crash against a Data Base in the Cyber Space 
  .Timer 1 38 Kick $chan $$1 *"Well, there is 1 byte of brainlessness i will never have to see again"* 
...~Fire~:{ /me kicks $1 in the face with his heel, whirling around and bashing the back of $1's skull with his fists
  .Timer 1 2 /me running forward he extends his arms to grab $1's shoulders to slam $1 onto the ground
  .Timer 1 4 /me jumps on $1's back and kneels down, planting his knee into $1's spine
  .Timer 1 6 /me grabs $1's shoulders and pulls back, snapping their spine, and paralyzing them from the wasit down
  .Timer 1 8 /me pulls out a rusty knife and begins tearing off $1's clothing, leaving their undergarments in tact
  .Timer 1 10 /me chuckles and begins carving off $1's skin, chunk by chunk, and placing it aside for later
  .Timer 1 12 /me finishes skinning $1's back and flips their ragdoll body over, tearing off $1's bottom jaw in the process
  .Timer 1 14 /me smirks devilishly at $1 as blood fills their lungs.
  .Timer 1 16 /me Begins stuffing the filets of Skin down $1's throat
  .Timer 1 18 /me Takes pity on $1 and pulls out a strand of Piano wire
  .Timer 1 20 /me Slits $1's throat and stomps on $1's stomach, causing the slabs of flesh to shoot out all over the wall.. Eww..
  .Timer 1 22 kick $chan $$1 * dead. Go change your character* 
...~Ice~:{ /me summons a large black cloud full of rain, hovering over $1
  .Timer 1 2 /me drops the tempreature down below absolute zero
  .Timer 1 4 /me forces the rain to fall through the air, freezing the droplets and turning them to spears
  .Timer 1 6 /me watches the millions of Ice Spears pierce $1
  .Timer 1 8 /me Laughs at $1 's swiss cheese looking corpse
  .Timer 1 10 kick $chan $$1 * Lets their body freeze at Absolute zero. Goodbye *
...~Earth~:{ /me frown's at $1 's actions and turns to face them
  .Timer 1 2 /me cocks a brow and holds his palm out
  .Timer 1 4 /me watches as rocks begin spinning faster then the speed of sound around $1
  .Timer 1 6 /me this prevents them from moving
  .Timer 1 8 /me shoots spikes from for directions at $1 piercing them and hoisting them into the air
  .Timer 1 10 /me summons a huge garden gnome from the sky
  .Timer 1 12 kick $chan $$1 * $1 gets splatted by the big gnome. Much like the UBER PEA *
...~Acid~:{ /me looks to $1 and sighs softly
  .Timer 1 2 say you made me to this
  .Timer 1 4 /me looks to the sky as it turns purple
  .Timer 1 6 /me summons acid rain to fall from the sky
  .Timer 1 8 /me laughs at it begins piercing $1 's flesh
  .Timer 1 10 Kick $chan $$1 * sighs as the wind blows away the remnant ashes of $1 's body*
  .Timer 1 12 /me walks back inside as if nothing happened
...~HKSPATK1~:{ /me Rolls backwards, fireing twelve speres of homing sound like a gattaling cannon from his fingertips, the very space between him and $1 was distorted, the attack ripping through space
  .Timer 1 5 say 5 seconds passed)
  .Timer 1 10 /me "Blinks" forward, slashing at $1's top right collar bone, down to their left hip, his hand firing a ball of Chaos energy directly into their stomach
  .Timer 1 15 say 5 seconds passed))
  .Timer 1 17 /me ducks down and stabs upwards, sending a sonic ripple to $1's head, the ripple comming from a high pitched screech from his agape mouth
  .Timer 1 23 say 5 seconds passed))
  .Timer 1 26 /me looks down at $1's molecules, nothing more then an amorphous blob. Opening a portal to the Realm of Chaos, the molecules would slip in if they didn't move out of the way. Since in this incapacitated state<c>
  .Timer 1 28 /me $1 wouldn't be able to do much, since the molecules werent together to form a single entity, it prevented the spellcasting, or movement of $1 for roughly two minutes. Which was more then enough time<c>
  .Timer 1 29 /me for him to finish what he needed too<d>
  .Timer 1 34 say 5 seconds passed))
  .Timer 1 37 /me feels energy coursing through his veins as $1's body was compleatly absorbed. $1's energy, Chi Chakra, whatever you may call it, was used to feed his own powers, even the clothing of the poor<c>
  .Timer 1 39 /me victim being taken into the realm, destroyed, the once magical properties of the item no longer in tact. 
.~Song Kicks~
...~Biomechanic Man~:{ /me Turns into a Cyborg and shouts, "Biomechanic man!"
  .Timer 1 2 /me plays a Wild gutiar intro
  .Timer 1 4 /me Grins and says, "You need some lovin' o' monstermaniac style and fashion"
  .Timer 1 6 /me "And i'm a device of horny steel."
  .Timer 1 8 /me "You need a spin in the torture wheel"
  .Timer 1 10 /me "You need to get the healer in here"
  .Timer 1 12 /me "You gotta know when its bad"
  .Timer 1 14 /me "You gotta get in the cyber-feel"
  .Timer 1 16 /me "A little sicko, a little mean"
  .Timer 1 18 /me "and your sure to be damned"
  .Timer 1 20 /me chews up $1 's hand, cause he is the Biomechanic man
  .Timer 1 22 kick $chan $$1 * You just got Cyberfucked *
...~Monsterman~:{ /me "Would you love a Monsterman?"
  .Timer 1 2 /me "Could you understand, Beauty of the beast?"
  .Timer 1 4 /me "I would do it all for you!"
  .Timer 1 6 /me "Would you do it all for me?"
  .Timer 1 8 /me "Yeah, i would freeze all hell over just to get a chill"
  .Timer 1 10 /me "Yeah i would slay -  I would maim"
  .Timer 1 12 /me "I would in thin air and reappear again"
  .Timer 1 14 /me dissipears from sight
  .Timer 1 16 /me Reappears behind $1
  .Timer 1 18 /me Freezes $1 in a block of ice
  .Timer 1 20 /me cuts $1 in half effectivly slaying them
  .Timer 1 22 kick $chan $$1 * You don't love a monsterman. *
...~Rock The Hell Outta You~:{ /me ROCK
  .Timer 1 2 /me ROCK
  .Timer 1 4 /me ROCK
  .Timer 1 6 /me ROCK THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!
  .Timer 1 8 /me Grabs a huge Flying V
  .Timer 1 10 /me Plays a mad wicked riff
  .Timer 1 12 kick $chan $$1 * You just got the hell rocked out of you *
...~Supermonstars~:{ /me "They strike you dumb"
  .Timer 1 2 /me "They bring you down"
  .Timer 1 4 /me "They keep you on the losing end"
  .Timer 1 6 /me "they tell you wrong is right, your high is low.. HERE WE GO!"
  .Timer 1 10 /me "Kick up a row, we're The Supermonstars!"
  .Timer 1 13 /me "We chant the anthem of the Phantoms!"
  .Timer 1 16 /me "Deal out the blows like a supermonstars! We are humble to none!"
  .Timer 1 18 /me holds his hands together and begins uttering a demonic chant
  .Timer 1 20 /me a huge grey shadow swoops down for $1 , and takes them away
  .Timer 1 22 kick $chan $$1 * the Anthem of the Phantoms will keep You on the end of my hammer *
...~Blood Red Sandman~:{ /me They called me the leather Apron, they called me Sliling Jack
  .timer 1 2 /me they prayed to the heavens above, that I would never ever come back
  .timer 1 3 /me Can you hear how the children weep?
  .timer 1 4 /me Chills of fear like a Sawblade
  .timer 1 6 /me Cutting Deep
  .timer 1 8 /me takes a jigsaw from his backpack
  .timer 1 10 /me carves $1 up like a christmas Ham
  .timer 1 12 /me Sprinkles $1 's corpse with sand
  .timer 1 14 /me Steps on the bloody mess and smirks triumphant
  .timer 1 15 kick $chan $$1 * Ph3r3 t3h bL00d R3D SANDMAN!
..~Bodies~:{ /me 1, nothing wrong with me
  .Timer 1 1 /me 2, nothing wrong with me
  .Timer 1 2 /me 3, nothing wrong with me
  .Timer 1 3 /me 4, nothing wrong with me
  .Timer 1 5 /me 1, something's got to give
  .Timer 1 6 /me 2, something's got to give
  .Timer 1 7 /me 3, something's got to give
  .Timer 1 9 /me Let the bodies hit the floor
  .Timer 1 11 /me Let the bodies hit the floor
  .Timer 1 13 /me Let the bodies hit the floor
  .Timer 1 15 /me Dashes out
  .Timer 1 16 /me Breaks jaw
  .Timer 1 17 /me Snaps neck
  .Timer 1 19 /me Let the bodies hit the....
  .Timer 1 21 Kick $chan $$1 * FFFLLLLOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!! *
..~Avatar~:{ /me Frowns at $1 and growls, "Thats it, you have incured the wrath of the motherfukin avatar!"
  .Timer 1 2 /me Summons a huge Wave
  .Timer 1 4 /me Conjours a giant Fireball
  .Timer 1 6 /me Creates a Razor Wind
  .Timer 1 8 /me Makes big ass rock pillers
  .Timer 1 10 /me grins manicly
  .Timer 1 12 kick $chan $$1 * "KA-ME-HA-ME-AVATAR POWER!" Crushes $1 with his Hax04 Powerz *


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Abtehi   -  Feb 18, 2009

i added this to popups, but nothing appears to work.

napa182   -  Feb 13, 2009

works fine for me so it must be you or ur mIRC...

baseballer790   -  Feb 13, 2009

Nothing's there

napa182   -  Feb 13, 2009

right click a nick

baseballer790   -  Feb 13, 2009

How do I do it........it's in my popups...

baseballer790   -  Feb 13, 2009


napa182   -  Feb 12, 2009

baseballer790 it goes into ur popups not ur remotes

baseballer790   -  Feb 12, 2009

This mother fucking piece of shit script isn't working :D

Anti   -  Aug 17, 2008

Okay im seeing alot of this bs $1. < isnt it suppost to be

 $1 $+ . and also what is this? put menu { 

strangly this is a useless script didnt make me laugh at least you tried >.>

Cheiron   -  Aug 17, 2008

is this a remotes or a popups snippet

Abtehi   -  Aug 17, 2008

usin pnplus?

PuNkTuReD   -  Aug 15, 2008

abtehi r u usin pnplus?

Abtehi   -  Aug 15, 2008

This script isnt working for me ..... either im not doing it right, or u didnt give complete instructions or commands,.

SnoooP   -  May 22, 2008

hahaha atlast... :) much better know the timers are silent

Israfel   -  May 22, 2008


I set all the timers to silent timers, so it won\'t flood your screen with timer activation notices. Grab the new code so you don\'t have to do it yourself ^^

SnoooP   -  May 17, 2008

i dont think it will disconnect you... they are just very very annoying

napa182   -  May 17, 2008

timer floods are more of an annoyence then anything.

Israfel   -  May 16, 2008

Ohhh.. See i didn\'t know if there was a difference between /Timer and .Timer

But yeah, even with the longest ones i havn\'t gotten DCed from tImer flood o.o

SnoooP   -  May 16, 2008

yeah its ok but the timer flood kills lol....

Jonesy44   -  May 16, 2008

That would be one hell of a timer flood . do what napa said :P

napa182   -  May 16, 2008

you should really tell people to put this into their popups so they dont try to put it in their remotes and say it dont work.
Also silence the timers by useing a "." like .timer it would cut all the timer flood out.

Jamiie   -  May 16, 2008

Ok ignore what I said about the text file, I didn\'t read everything >_<

Jamiie   -  May 16, 2008

Would be better to put them in a text file and use $read. And remove the /\'s, makes everything look messy.

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