CTCP Blocker

By napa182 on May 16, 2008

copy/paste in a new remote. Right click on a nick you want to block. do the same to unblock.

menu nicklist {
  .CTCP Blocker
  .. $iif($ignore($address($$1,2)),$style(2)) CTCP Block $+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)):{ 
    if ($input(Are You Sure You Want To Block CTCP's From $+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)),uqy,Are You Sure?)) {
      .ignore -t $address($$1,2)
      noop $input($+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)) Has Been Block From Sending You CTCP's,uwo,Attention)
      .msg $$1 You Are Now Blocked From Sending Me CTCP's Enjoy. 
  .. $iif(!$ignore($address($$1,2)),$style(2)) CTCP Unblock $+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)):{ 
    if ($input(Are You Sure You Want To Unblock $+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)),uqy,Are You Sure?)) {
      .ignore -rt $address($$1,2)
      noop $input($+($chr(40),$$1,$chr(41)) Can Now Send You CTCP's,uwo,Attention) 
on *:load: { 
  echo 12 -a You Have Just Loaded Napa182's CTCP Blocker 
  echo 12 -a A Script0rs Inc. Production 
  echo -a 14,1(14,1¯15,1¯0,1¯0,1º $+($chr(171),$chr(164),$chr(88),$chr(167),$chr(199),$chr(174),$chr(238),$chr(254),$chr(116),$chr(48),$chr(174),$chr(167),$chr(88),$chr(164),$chr(187)) º0,1¯15,1¯14,1¯) $+ $chr(153)


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napa182   -  Jan 30, 2012

chachin you are welcome. I am glad this has helped you...

chachin   -  Jan 26, 2012

thank you Napa this thing helped me against bot flooders that like to /ping you because their masters are stupid and bored

SnoooP   -  May 16, 2008

heya napa... hah I have started using this myself... really good... :) :) :)

EL   -  May 16, 2008

D yw.\"Rate it or Hate it?\"...8/10.`-.-´

napa182   -  May 16, 2008

lol yeah i figured wth why not.
thanks Dan.

EL   -  May 16, 2008

Haha Steve you finally posted this :P awesome btw.

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