Alias Away Script

By Fuzion on May 15, 2008

This is my first upload on this site so don't be hard/harsh on me i'm still fairly new to scripting i welcome any tips or help on how to improve my work

eg: Simple Alias Away Script since i know there heaps around here i'd thought i'll add mine :)

to use it simple Add to your Remotes and type /gone and a popup will appear add your away msg and click ok then it will change auto change your nick to AFK for an Example. Fuzion[AFK] then when you have return type /back and your nick will auto Appear without the AFK

hope you like people :)

alias gone {
  /set %gonereason $$?="Reason for being away:" | /tnick $me $+ [AFK] | /set %gonetime $time(hh:nn TT) | /ame 12is away: 12(Reason: %gonereason $+ ) (Time left: $time(hh:nn TT) $+ )
  /away %gonereason
alias back {
  /nick $mnick | /ame 12is back: 12(Reason for being away: %gonereason $+ ) (Time left: %gonetime $+ )  (Time away: $duration($awaytime) $+ ) 
  /unset %gonereason
  /unset %gonetime


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M[n]M   -  Dec 31, 2008

hey this is nice

i like it

its kind of similar to mine

i'll give you 10 points

Fuzion   -  May 15, 2008

Thanks Everyone for your tips and nice comments :D

Mudkipz   -  May 15, 2008

nice, its quite basic, but its very nice. i didnt test it just read through it, looks as if it would be handy to make as a first one, Good job =D

Jonesy44   -  May 15, 2008

Nobbin to birds with one connie .. init :P

guest598594   -  May 15, 2008

Nice job on your first snippet here. Here\'s a couple suggestions:

1) The /\'s aren\'t needed in the commands
2) Rather than using two lines to unset the variables, you can kill two birds with one stone by doing \"unset %var1 %var2\"

Jonesy44   -  May 15, 2008

Nice, but the Time Left on return isn\'t really necessary.

But that\'s just my opinion. Good work :-)

Fuzion   -  May 15, 2008

Thanks Viper01 for your honest advice and comment :) means i will need to try bit harder to make sure i get it right next time :)

Viper01   -  May 15, 2008

1 thing that i see is missing, is an away notfier. Say someone wasn\'t paying attention or thinks you are there and highlights you. A notice should trigger and notice them the time you went away and the reason so they won\'t keep highlighting you. Generally its common sense to not spam someone\'s name until they get back, but there are some people out there that can\'t seem to get that particular message. I believe this is included in some of the custom botscripts, eg NNscript and such. Anyway, for a first time attempt this is pretty good. 4/10

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