mass modes for channel popups

By syk1k on Sep 03, 2004

copy / paste in remotes [ alt + r ]
and thats it tested on a few servers uses the same method as the nicklist mass modes i posted a few weeks back! i now see what astro was saying as to using $1 i was using 2 useless %vars bascially o_O, updated code to use $1 now, not thats it any faster at all

alias cpm {
  if ($me !isop $chan) { echo -a you need +q to perform some of these modes +a +o to perform the rest of the modes | .return }
  var %all = $nick(#,0),%kick = 0
  if (%kick > %all) { .return }
  inc %kick | if ($nick(#,%kick) == $me) { goto start }
  mode # $1 $nick(#,%kick) | goto start
menu channel {


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[-Superboyz-]   -  Sep 03, 2004

nice friends u can get it{ <-- this make 1 set $, ( chan + inv%-r ) $nick +inv% $mode (+set+vvv halt) $+(%set,%mode+o or u can set +v)} thanks ur script cool :)

syk1k   -  Sep 03, 2004

all works the same man $1 or $+()

astro   -  Sep 03, 2004

Good effort man, $+(%set,%mode) i dont see point to tho, i would use $1 but good effort all the same :)

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