Random Me Script V.1.1

By RagBot on May 05, 2008

This is a very early script i made, it was the first script i made, so it may not be the best of scripts, but it is still fun ^_^
i did intend to put 3 "FAILURE!!" in it so people have a greater chance of it >:)

P.S. I are good at grammer (ignore the bad grammer in this i got carried away and forgot about good grammer).

EDIT: people seem to be having troubles, but there's a few things that could be happening:
•You don't have it in remotes, put the script there
•use only . or ! or @
•misuse of brackets previous to this script
•you changed something causing it to break
•this has been tested and used on a SwiftIRC server
Not sure of any other problems, it's worked for me.

V.1.1 Update - As someone suggested i chenged Racist! to Idiot! and i added (n) to a so the grammar can work better, it's just simple updates.

on $*:TEXT:/^[!@.]me/Si:#:{
  var %me = $rand(1,20)
  describe $chan Stares at $nick and decides he's a(n):
  if (%me == 1) msg $chan 4 FAILURE!!
  if (%me == 2) msg $chan 1 Good Person :D
  if (%me == 3) msg $chan 13 FAG (dun dun duuuuun)
  if (%me == 4) msg $chan 11 Rapper Yo!
  if (%me == 5) msg $chan 7 Try Again :(
  if (%me == 6) msg $chan 9 Zombie X_x
  if (%me == 7) msg $chan 6 Idiot!
  if (%me == 8) msg $chan 12 LOL...Funny Looking
  if (%me == 9) msg $chan 2 Weirdo
  if (%me == 10) msg $chan 14 Ladies Man
  if (%me == 11) msg $chan 5 TERRORIST! RUN!
  if (%me == 12) msg $chan 1 Anything you Want :)
  if (%me == 13) msg $chan 3 Porno Star
  if (%me == 14) msg $chan 13 Brittany Spears Twin
  if (%me == 15) msg $chan 6 George Bush (LOSER!)
  if (%me == 16) msg $chan 4 FAILURE!!
  if (%me == 17) msg $chan 4 FAILURE!!
  if (%me == 18) msg $chan 2Teh Wootness
  if (%me == 19) msg $chan 3 Micheal Jackson
  if (%me == 20) msg $chan 1 GRAVE DIGGER


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RagBot   -  May 09, 2008

I\'m unsure of the problems, althought i have put the possible faults in the Introduction, it works fine with me.

tzar469   -  May 06, 2008

^Neptune, local variables use /var while global variables use /set. Viper\'s code is correct as it is. :)

Viper01   -  May 06, 2008

ooo, neptune, double post :p

and ty for pointing out my mistake

guest598594   -  May 06, 2008

^Neptune, it doesn\'t matter.

^Neptune   -  May 06, 2008

Er, those were meant to be in code tags !!

  var %me = $rand(1,20)
  var %me $r(1,20)
^Neptune   -  May 06, 2008

Actually Viper01, you\'d have to use

 var %me = $r(1,20)

var %me $r(1,20)

Seeing as a local variable needs a \"=\", whereas a global variable doesn\'t :P

Also $r is the short version of $rand...? Never knew that lol
criminal   -  May 06, 2008

You could use a text file too.

Viper01   -  May 06, 2008

var %me = $rand(1,20)

instead of that, you could use

var %me $r(1,20)

reduce a little bit of coding :\

BlueThen   -  May 05, 2008

It is unnecessary to remove space in between control codes and text, unless you are using an identifier. If you were using an identifier, and do want to combine it, use

guest598594   -  May 05, 2008

i did intend to put 3 \"FAILURE!!\" in it so people have a greater chance of it >:)

You could do

if (%me isnum N-N) msg $chan FAILURE
SpotRedDog   -  May 05, 2008


I would remove this or at least change it to something other then what it is.


if (%me == 7) msg $chan 6 Racist!!!!

SpotRedDog   -  May 05, 2008

I have copied and pasted this but cannot get it to work you need to explain how it works or rather how to get it to trigger thats part of the process of putting scripts and snippets up here. If you don\'t explain the way you work the script people will have difficulty using this and until I can get it to work I am reserving judgment and scoring it till you explain how to trigger it or what the auto trigger\'s are. In the future you should consider this before posting any script here.

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