File Size using Binary Prefixes

By tye on Sep 02, 2004

Returns the size of a file using binary prefixes when given the file size in bytes.

// fs(size) returns formatted file size string
function fs($fs) {
     $sizes = array('B','KiB','MiB','GiB','TiB');

     $ex = substr(floor(log($fs)/log(2)),0,-1);
     $v = round($fs / pow(2,$ex * 10),2);

     return $v . $sizes[($ex ? $ex : 0)];


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bone282   -  May 16, 2009


$file = 'yourfile.txt';
echo count(file($file));


$file = file('yourfile.txt');
echo count($file);


echo count(file('youfile.txt'));

^Neptune   -  May 16, 2009

Is there a function that returns the number of lines in a text file?

bone282   -  May 16, 2009

a clever use of math there.

tye   -  Sep 07, 2004

It needs floor() to get a whole number from the division. afiak PHP has no operator to do this so I used floor().

X-FILE   -  Sep 03, 2004

you don\'t need to use floor. It Returns the lowest integer value.

Hawkee   -  Sep 02, 2004

It\'s in the PHP code snippet section

Lostgamer   -  Sep 02, 2004

looks like Php code

Hawkee   -  Sep 02, 2004

what do you use this for?

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