Little Join Flood Protection

By xplo on Apr 22, 2008

kinda easy to understand.

;this line is in how many Seconds it will trigger if..
inc -u5 %joins. [ $+ [ $chan ] ]
;..there is 4 joins
if ( %joins. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] == 4 ) {

;Only the number 5 and 4 could be changed, but its not a suggested
;snippets if you are on a HIGH-Traffic channel.
;Because NetSplits will trigger it.
;Its Only a Little Simple Script.
;Manipulate it like you feel, and learn From it! :)

on @:join:#CHANNELNAME: { 
  inc -u5 %joins. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] 
  if ( %joins. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] == 4 ) { 
    mode $chan +r 
    .msg $chan Channel Locked For 400 Sec.
    .timer 1 400 mode $chan -r 


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xplo   -  Jan 11, 2009

my latest post was regarding ircu.* like on undernet.

TravisT   -  Jan 03, 2009

It isn't +R it is +r. And will only work on networks that use +r.

Use /echo -a $chanmodes to see if your network supports it.

As for ripping, this is a basic flood protection. Who figured it out first? Who knows.

Linuxuser   -  Jan 03, 2009

+R is not to show registered channels. +R only allows registered nicks to join and speak in the channel it is a simple mode to understand.

xplo   -  Jul 24, 2008

joshuaxiong1 no, +R means that the channel is registered, this mode is for chanfix to know that he can\'t do shit there. sometimes, channel managers like to keep X out of the channel, snd there was a \"bug\" about it. cauz chanfix reoped the top scorers, whan themanager didn\'t wanted to op them. so thy had to create this channel mode so X and C don\'t fight. when the channel is not registered with X then the mode +R is not used.

Joshuaxiong1   -  Jul 19, 2008

You meant +R not unregister the channel.

xplo   -  May 12, 2008

HoNdAx707 +R is an invalid mode for undernet, and this network is where i hang out the most. well. +R is actually a valid mode but for chanfix, ( So C will know that a channel is Registered thru X ) but no one can change this mode,

and EL .. +j is an invalid mode too on undernet, there is no such thing as knocking

Thnx for your Comments :p

EL   -  Apr 23, 2008

I d go +j for CS just cause of knockin with +i could just use a channel limiter or something of that sort er doesnt unreal ircD have a built in join flood protection? damn ircD has everything else i dont see why it wouldn\'t lol i cant remember what all they have =/

HoNdAx707   -  Apr 23, 2008

i would do mode $chan +i or +R

guest598594   -  Apr 23, 2008

I believe xplorer, any basic spam thing would be set up that way.

criminal   -  Apr 23, 2008

join flood, text flood.
both small so there\'s like 99.99% change they\'re the same >.<

EL   -  Apr 22, 2008

!!!!!!!! YEA what he said.

xplo   -  Apr 22, 2008

BlueThen The link you posted is an anti-spam script, and there is no ripping here. !

BlueThen   -  Apr 22, 2008

This looks very similar to

guest598594   -  Apr 22, 2008

I would make it on **@***:join... so that it checks if you are op in that channel.

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