Simple HP Bar

By beau on Apr 03, 2008

There's an HP bar for you.

alias hp { 
  return $+($str($+(09,$chr(44),09,.),$floor($calc( $1 /5))),$str($+(04,$chr(44),04,.),$floor($calc((99- $1 ) /5)))) 
; $hp(N) will return the hp bar.
;PM me on SwiftIRC, if you need anything.
;Nick is Beau


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beau   -  Apr 04, 2008

Finally somebody who know\'s wtf it is ;p
Yeah, I guess so.

Lindrian   -  Apr 04, 2008
beau   -  Apr 04, 2008

HP is hit points, or health points if you want.
This alias.. basically creates the HP bar for you..

And yeah EL, it can go with a game.

Jonesy44   -  Apr 04, 2008

im lost. i thought HP was health points too :P

EL   -  Apr 03, 2008

wel as blue then said i assumed it was HEALTH POINTS if that is the casei wtf is the damn point? does it go to a game or anything or wat?

BlueThen   -  Apr 03, 2008

What does HP stand for? \"health points\"? lol

beau   -  Apr 03, 2008

EL, it\'s a short script for an HP bar..
Can\'t explain much more than that, lol.

EL   -  Apr 03, 2008

Anyone care to explain wtf his does?

Baze   -  Apr 03, 2008

Nice Beau

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