Window Joins

By NightCrawler on Apr 03, 2008

When someone joins a channel, a window will pop up telling nick, address and what channel they needed. Short script, and I made it when I had nothing else to make.


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NightCrawler   -  Apr 25, 2008

Well Im glad the both of you like it. And Lauranator, your still using my script, but just without the window. I have no problem with that. I came across that problem as well, so I just said forget it. Thanks for the idea though.

EL, The only reason I Didnt Use a notice was because in the rooms I idle in, are mass text. So I made a window to keep track of all the joins. But good idea though.

Lauranator   -  Apr 22, 2008

Nice little script..saves me from doing a whois every time someone new joins. One little change i made tho was to make it put the info in the status window cos that box popping up everytime someone joined got rather annoying. Here\'s the change i made if anyone is interested. And of course u have to set your options to not display notices in the active window.

On *:JOIN:#:{
/notice $timestamp 14.12:14:4 $nick ( $+ $address($nick,1) ) Has Joined $chan 414:12:14.

EL   -  Apr 03, 2008

Hmm maybe a counter how many times they have joined and soem flood protection for hoppers,maybe a friend or foe lsiting one window for friends one for ppl u dislike maybe add a $tip or a /beep to notify you if your mirc isnt your active app.Something to make it freesh and and all fancey an crazy just a thought or two.

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