Auto UnBan Snippet

By DarkNES on Mar 20, 2008

This snippet will automatically unban you on a channel if you are banned, given that you have the power to do so. Just paste into your Remotes section, and it will work. Occasionally, this will unban you before the person can kick you, which is very useful ;D.

*Edit: Made it one line, since I was bored.

You can find me on multiple networks, one I do frequent is My nick is Apocalypse, so stop by or something.

;;; Auto-UnBan by DarkNES ;;;
on 1:Ban:#: { if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) { .mode $chan -b $banmask } }
;;; Auto-UnBan End ;;;


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huh?   -  Mar 12, 2009

Hi, my address was banned on my fav channel on dalnet and I don't know why, is it possible to unban my address even if I'm not a op on that channel?

xplo   -  Nov 10, 2008

Fuk man, delete this script, its WAY too simple. if you don't have something with at LEAST 10 lines, don't even bother to post it here. This line sucks.. and shall be killed!!

This code Will do the same and MORE

On *:Ban:#: { 
  if ($banmask iswm $address($me,1)) { 
    mode $chan -bo+b $banmask $nick $nick
    kick # $nick Nice Try! but.. Too Slow 
  if ($banmask == *!*@*) { 
    if ($nick == $me) { halt }
    mode # -bo+b $banmask $nick $address 
    kick # $nick Your Ban Was *!*@* ... $fulldate 
Joshuaxiong1   -  Nov 09, 2008

lol simple

[-DDC-]Darkness   -  Mar 21, 2008

Eh. I like it. It works well. ^_^ Good job, man. :D 10/10 :]

guest598594   -  Mar 20, 2008

the else halt isn\'t necessary

EL   -  Mar 20, 2008

Well it works but mite as well vengeance them for it.Kick ban or just a auto deop or somehing(no ops for a set period of time),shouldn\'t be baning other ops.`-.-

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