Hawkee Product Search

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Mar 17, 2008
Updated  May 09, 2008
This is just a quick snippet I made that searches through the Price Comparison here on Hawkee. It returns the Product name, Brand, Price, and URL.

Syntax: [/product|!product] [product search]


/product Nintendo Wii
!product Plasma TV


Right now, it returns the top 3 results. If you want to change that, simply change "if (%N == 3)" to "if (%N == NUMBER)"

Enjoy ;~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
; Hawkee Product Search *
; Made by MountainDew ~
; IRC.DeltaAnime.Net ? #Lindrian #mIRC-Scripting *
; US.UnderNet.Org ? #Hawkee.com #mircscripting ~

on $*:TEXT:/^[.!@](prod(uct)?)/Si:#:{
set %p.chan $chan
product $2-
alias product {
if ($sock(product)) {
%pmsg Please wait until the current search is finished.
set %pmsg $iif(%p.chan,msg %p.chan,echo -a)
if (!$1) {
%pmsg Syntax: $iif(%p.chan,!,/) $+ product [product name]
set %p.search $1-
$iif(%p.chan,describe %p.chan searches,echo -a Searching) for $qt(%p.search) in Hawkee Price Comparison...
sockopen product www.hawkee.com 80
on *:sockopen:product:{
sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /shop/search/ $+ $replace(%p.search,$chr(32),+) $+ / HTTP/1.1
sockwrite -nt $sockname Host: www.hawkee.com
sockwrite -nt $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:product:{
var %x
sockread %x
if (no products found isin %x) {
%pmsg No products found for $qt(%p.search) $+ .
sockclose $sockname
unset %p.* %pmsg
if ($regex(%x,/<a href="(\/shop\/prod\/\d+\/)" class='large'>(.+)<\/a><br>/i)) {
set %p.url http://www.hawkee.com $+ $regml(1)
set %p.prod $regml(2)
if (<div style='height: 37px;'> isin %x) {
sockread %x
set %p.brand $remove(%x,$chr(9))
if ($regex(%x,/<img src='\/shop\/images\/rating_set\.gif'>/i)) inc %p.rating
if ($regex(%x,/<a href="\/shop\/prod\/\d+\/" class="large">(\$.+)<\/font>/i)) {
%pmsg 9• 4Product: %p.prod 4Brand: %p.brand 4Price: $regml(1) 4Rating: $iif(%p.rating,$v1,0) $+ /5 4URL: %p.url
inc %N
if (%N == 3) {
sockclose $sockname
unset %p.* %N %pmsg
unset %p.*
alias products product $1-


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mountaindew   -  May 09, 2008
Updated to work with the new site layout, and it now includes ratings.
mountaindew   -  Mar 22, 2008
I have no clue how to script TCL, so not me
Hawkee   -  Mar 22, 2008
Anybody up for making this into a TCL snippet?
Hawkee   -  Mar 22, 2008
Awesome mountaindew, I love it!
mountaindew   -  Mar 17, 2008
ty Eugenio
Eugenio   -  Mar 17, 2008
Looks amazing
mountaindew   -  Mar 17, 2008
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