Blacklist System

By napa182 on Mar 16, 2008

Copy/paste in a new remote .
Once you load the script open the dialog to set it up.
turn on the power, and set what ban mask you want it to work with.

You Must Be An OP On The Channel You Are Trying To Add The Nick On For It To Work.

then add the channels you want it to work on. after thats done you can enter nicks either from the dialog it's self or from rightclicking the menubar or channel, or you can right click the nick you want to black list as well. For removing the nicks. Remove the nicks either in the dialog or right click the menubar or channel.


im still wotking all the bugs out so i will be updating as needed.
and yes i know i made it a bit long for a blacklister, but eh idc....

just a pic of the dialog...


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Vlada_bgd   -  Nov 01, 2016

Hi... Could You reupload code? And tell me does it work with vars */?

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