on Slap you will be auto kick ( Just Ops )

By [-Superboyz-] on Aug 25, 2004

Listen me all.

  1. you must ops in ur channel
  2. save your name in word --> yournickhere
  3. save in ur remote and then /remote on
  4. that its

    ======well ... have fun dud ... my script always match=====

thx hawkee !


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NouMeRo   -  Sep 04, 2007

I\'m sorry for double post but i make a mistake :

NouMeRo   -  Sep 04, 2007

Why dont you try this one ?

[-Superboyz-]   -  Aug 26, 2004

well.... just try friends ... :) its is for match Slap revenge ^_^ thx for coment zach

Zach   -  Aug 25, 2004

Wow.. You do not need the INPUT event, being that\'s that has no affect on the script and on :ACTION::# { if (slap isin $1- && $me isin $1- && $me isop $chan) { kick $chan $nick Slap Revenge } }

[-Superboyz-]   -  Aug 25, 2004

Have Fun by [-Superboyz-] - Damage

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