Proxy Filter

By supafreky on Mar 09, 2008

Filters out useless text surrounding proxies, and filters "anti-leech" proxies. Can be used for DNSbl's to filter proxies and add them to a DNSbl.

if ($_POST['list']) {
  $list = explode("\n", $_POST["list"]);
  $num = 0;
  while ($list[$num]) {
    $list[$num] = str_replace(chr(9), "", $list[$num]);
    if (preg_match("(d{1, 3}\.d{1, 3}\.d{1, 3}\.d{1, 3}[: ]d{1, 5})", $list[$num], $match)) {
      $match[0] = str_replace(chr(32), chr(58), $match[0]);
      if (!stristr($newlist, $match[0])) {
        $newlist = $newlist. "\r\n" . $match[0];
    <title>KINGSKROWN ILLUMINATI</title>
      <h1>Ideal for filtering useless text surrounding proxies</h1>
      <form action="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="post">
        <textarea name="list" rows="25" cols="50"><?=$newlist;?></textarea>
        <br />
        <input name="filter" type="submit" value="filter">


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Joshuaxiong1   -  Mar 08, 2009

Wait, I just know how to tested it now. Doesn't work properly.

Joshuaxiong1   -  Dec 28, 2008

Where can I test this script?

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Mar 10, 2008

um kingskrown, it will only work so long as your browser is on there, make it write to a text file or database or something

bladedsha   -  Mar 09, 2008

grat and thanks for changing it to add my anti-leach idea

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Mar 09, 2008

um, few things

a - you won\'t have $newlist as it isn\'t set
b - $newlist will change for each visit, dunno if its ment to or not

and just a minor thing

<?php print($newlist); ?>

could be


nothing to really worry about, saves byte size\'s ;)

besides that ;) not bad

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